Author: Jimbotomy

Jimbotomy Northshire settled into his sparse cottage, containing but a desk, a cot, and three stacks of books reaching to the middle of his thigh. He picked up the first one, and set it on the desk, opening it to the first page. He hung his Bonechill Hammer above the desk, illuminating the book in the dull white glow of its icy enchant. He looked to the words of the page, and began to read.

Several hours and many pages later, Jimbotomy's eyelids became heavy. He thought about grabbing his fishing pole to take a break by catching some fish for his cat, Noboru, but found himself unable to stand, as his face fell forward into his book.

Jim found himself standing in a dark land, a light fog obscuring the surface of the ground, which felt to Jim's feet like soft gravel. There was no vegetation in sight, nor were there any clouds, stars, or other objects in the sky. Jim was surrounded by emptiness.

"Hello Jim," came a familiar voice from behind him.

Jim turned and found himself facing a very tall woman, who appeared at first look to be a Kal'dorei. She was a good foot taller than him, and her long, flowing teal hair cascaded off her shoulders and down to her waist. She wore a simple, pale green dress which, though flowing over her body, could not completely disguise muscles that were far larger than the typical female Kal'dorei, and a far fuller figure than typical. But the tell-tale sign that she was no ordinary Night Elf were two small tusks protruding from her lower jaw. She smiled at Jim, as though it had been a while since he had seen her. It had.

"Seral!" Jim cried out, rushing forward to embrace her, but failing. Her arms passed right through her body, and Jim frowned in disappointment.

"I am but a spirit," she said, "long gone from your world."

Jim looked up at her and frowned. "I miss you," he said, unable to think of any better way to express it. Seral smiled.

"I know," she said. "but you have moved on, to new friends, new loves, and new troubles."

Jim nodded.

"I am here," she said, "to offer you guidance, in honor of the love you once felt for me, and still do. The perspective one gains from time in the beyond is most helpful to the living."

"Yes," Jim said. "That is why I am here. I am seeking a purpose in life."

"You also seek a solution to your fears, do you not?"

Jim nodded. "The first fear is gone, thanks in large part to you. But the second fear remains."

"Ah, that," Seral said, nodding. "You fear that you have your father's blood within you."

"Yes," Jim said, "and that it will cause me to do what he did to my mother."

"You are right," Seral said. "Your father's blood is within you, and runs very strongly to you."

Jim looked back at her, perplexed. "So I am fated to become the monster that he was?"

Seral laughed quietly. "You are like him in many, many ways, Jim. But you are wrong to fear that."

"Wrong?" Jim cried out. "He killed her... he tried to kill me. The acts of a monster. Am I wrong to fear that is what I will become."

"Borisomoty Tolopony," Seral continued, "was indeed beset by demons, a weak man unable to control his rage, or truly to love those in his family. Your mother, Sheramory, was wed to him as a part of an arranged marriage."

Jim nodded.

"Borisomoty was, indeed, a monster, though a petulant, minor one. But you need not fear becoming him. His blood is not within you."

"What?" Jim exclaimed.

"He is not your father," Seral said, as she disappeared into the void.

"What? Wait!" Jim said, reaching off after her and coming up with nothing. He felt something tickling his hand.

Jim woke up to discover Noboru, his small white kitten, licking his hand and clawing at him for attention. Jim shook his head, pulled the kitten onto his lap and scratched it behind the ears. He then shook his head, and turned his attention back to the book on the desk.

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