Joi Suncatcher
Game Information
Race Tauren
Class Druid
Guild The Zephyr Crew
Professions Enchanter/Herbalist
Vital Statistics
Height 6'5"
Weight 322 lb.
Build Curvy, but not fully developed
Hair Soft, wavy brown tresses
Eyes Green as Mulgore grass
Personal Information
Age Middle adolescence(equivalent to 15/16)
Birthplace Desolace
Pets Piggledy(a small pig)
Family Pryda(sister), Vel(brother), tribemates.


A relentlessly free spirit, Joi lets her heart lead and her head follow.


Life on the FarmEdit

In the northwest of Desolace, near the shoreline, the sun shows itself, though weakly, and tough green grass carpets the ground. Though a far cry from the idyll of Mulgore, this land is a bountiful oasis compared to the dreary plains of central Desolace.

The Tedium of MoongladeEdit

Wandering the WorldEdit

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