Name: Jovaan
Race: Draenei
Class: Defender (Paladin)
Age: Somewhere in his 2500's
Birthplace: Farahlon
Residence: Stormwind

Like many Draenei, Jovaan has given his life to the service of the naaru, enlisting in the army to fight against the Burning Legion and its allies. And like many draenei, the price of that service has been steep. The crash of the Exodar into Azuremyst Isle claimed the life of his older sister (the mother of Vajarra and Vassanta) and brother-in-law. But it also took Neesa, his new bride. Though it was difficult, Jovaan held his faith in the Light, believing that the naaru must have some greater plan in mind for their people. Still, the Exodar and especially Shattrath hold too many painful memories, and he has traveled to Stormwind to lend his aid where he can.

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