Description Edit

Name: Kabegami Lightwall
AKA: She keeps her real name a secret and if you try and shorten the one she gave herself, you will get the glaring of a lifetime.
Race: Draenei
Age: Unknown - probably close to 1000 years.
Class: Paladin
Professions: Miner/Jewelcrafter

Appearance: Kabegami's typical expression is unimpressed. There is very little that she sees around her that meets with her approval. She dresses in full plate, usually with a shield, and keeps all of her armor impeccably polished at all times when not in direct use.

Personality Edit

Outside of the most pious company, Kabegami is not a pleasant companion. She is blunt, curt, abrasive, and arrogant. If she can be convinced of another's righteousness, she can be all courteousness, but she is highly judgmental and not free with the gift of her compliments.

Kabegami takes her status as an exile quite seriously. She knows enough of her racial history to be absolutely disgusted by the transformation of the eredar and absolutely grateful for the intervention of the Naaru.

She has no patience whatsoever for the Broken, nor for any shamanistic tendencies among Draenei and she refuses to condone any practice of shamanism among a race that she believes is destined to be bringers of the light. The fact that some Draenei have taken it upon themselves to forsake the gift of the Naaru in exchange for the power of base elements saddens and frustrates her. Warlocks also infuriate her with their insistence on continually taunting the power of the Burning Legion. She cannot believe they could possibly understand the power which they incessantly provoke. However, the use of the arcane does not bother her. She sees higher elemental magic as simply a talent or skill, whereas shamanism is a betrayal of the light. ((No, this doesn't make sense. No one ever accused her of logic.))

Kabegami is also disgusted by what the Blood Elves have done to Tempest Keep and the powers that they have stolen from the Naaru, not to mention Kael'thas' terrible taste in allies. As a result, she hates them with passionate fury. She is also disgusted by the undead. Why the Forsaken of this planet cannot simply stay in the ground where they belong is beyond her understanding. As for all the other races, she simply finds them to be lesser beings. She won't go out of her way to offend them, but if they should stand in her way, she will not hesitate to bring them down.

History Edit

Kabegami was born while the Draenei were on the run from the Man'ari, passing from world to world. Her family at the time were very pious and loyal to Velen and the Naaru, but during recent centuries, her parents passed on to her a certain disdain for the shamanistic orcs that shared their world. Shamanism was something beneath the righteousness of the light and Kabegami has retained and modified this ideal to her own ends.

She was directly involved in the loss of Tempest Keep to the Blood Elves, but whatever happened during that time, she does not speak of it to others. Of her family who were living on Draenor, only Kabegami and her sister survived. After this event, rather than degenerating into the madness of the Broken, Kabegami instead took her parents' disdain for totemic magics to a fanatical level with which she could focus on the light. She has no appreciation for Farseer Nobundo and does not appreciate his place in the Exodar. She believes that Velen is mistaken to trust him, a concept that would have been far more heretical to her parents than any shamanistic magic in its own right, but she is blinded by her own fanatical prejudice.

Kabegami is not her original name. She invented it and has infused it with meaning of her own. After the crash, Kabegami's sister took up shamanism. As a consequence, Kabegami disowned her only remaining blood relative and took up a name that she could use to further the light without the stain of her sister's betrayal. Her surname, "Lightwall", is also invented of the common tongue of this strange planet. She may not appreciate Azeroth, but she is here and she is determined to twist its culture to her own means.

Her main desire is to return to Draenor. She has heard what finally happened due to the portals, but has yet to see the final effects for herself. On her way, she puts down evil and snuffs out hereticism wherever she finds it.

OOC Notes Edit

((As with my other characters, I'm open to criticism and discussion and modification as I'm still quite new to this form.))

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