Kabochi in her Bloodsail garb.

Name: Kabochi

Race: Hakkari Troll

Age: 23

Birthplace: Zul'Gurub

Class: Shadow Priest

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Affiliations: Ex-Bloodsail Buccaneer

Appearance Edit

Kabochi is of slightly smaller stature than most Trolls, though her mane of wild, orange hair gives her the illusion of being taller than she actually is. Her eyes are the color of topaz, and her face is usually plastered with a wild smirk or a mischevious grin. Kabochi's ears, wrists, and neck are covered in a nearly obscene amount of jewelry and various novelties she has picked up on her many travels. Not even her hair escapes decoration; beads and trinkets - even small animal bones - can be found woven into her hair amongst her random dreadlocks. She always carries a bottle of rum with her, and smells faintly of liquor and tobacco.

Personality Edit

Kabochi's Troll mannerisms and dialect are subdued by a modest amount of pirate decorum. Because she was not raised in a conventional manner, and because her brain cells have been diluted by a fair amount of rum, to say that Kabochi is "not sane" would be putting it mildly. She has an overly adventurous streak and constantly manages to get herself into trouble. She is rarely, if ever, sober. The amount of rum she ingests only amplifies her already overly wild personality.

She is also overly flirtatious and teases her friends relentlessly. She seems to be drawn to those whose personalities rival her own. While coming off as sometimes self-serving and greedy, she will drop anything or do anything for her friends without any thought of personal gain.

She has a habit for collecting various trinkets on her travels, namely strange hats and creatures.

Kabochi is also an avid engineer, and has a strange obsession with things that explode.

History Edit

Kabochi was born in Zul'Gurub alongside her younger brother, Gammaje. She showed promise in magic at an early age and was trained into becoming a priestess of Hakkar, though she could not bring herself to follow the Blood God after witnessing her tribe's countless sacrifices and acts of evil upon innocents. She fled from her tribe into the vale and made her way south to Booty Bay, but found she could not get far in the Cartel city, having nothing to offer in currency. Scrounging and stealing what she could to survive, it wasn't long before she was noticed equally by the Booty Bay officials and by agents of the Bloodsail Buccaneers. Quickly realizing that she had a better chance at survival by following the Bloodsail, the young Troll was easily coerced into joining the ranks of the pirates. As Kabochi's priest skills grew, it wasn't long before she was able to take on groups of the city's guards by herself, and before she knew it, she had become an honorary Admiral of the Bloodsail Buccaneers.

As the years passed, Darkspear settlements underwent increasing numbers of attacks by groups of rampaging murlocs. Kabochi went to investigate the rumors of the attacks with visions of treasures and loot from the ravaged settlements in her mind. When she came upon the recently-burned remains of a settlement devastated from the attacks, she found a sole survivor in the remains that she recognized to be her younger brother she had left behind as a youth. He too had escaped into the jungles, though later than Kabochi, and had been adopted into the tribe of the Darkspear. Kabochi and Gammaje pleaded with the leaders of the Bloodsail to offer assistance to the Darkspear, but were denied as the fate of the Darkspear did not concern the gains of the pirates.

Kabochi then abandoned the cause of the Bloodsail and joined her brother to help the remaining Darkspear. It was during this time they first encountered Thrall as he and his forces arrived to offer assistance to the Trolls; the two had never heard of or seen the camaraderie or honor he and his forces displayed, and were humbled by the kindness these strangers showed the Darkspear. Without a second thought they pledged their loyalty to Thrall, eventually leaving the jungles of Stranglethorn for the land of Durotar, to fight on behalf of the Horde.

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