Kaez FairbaneEdit

The BasicsEdit

Full Name: Kaez Fairbane
Title: (none yet)
Race: Gnome, Male
Class: Warlock
Age: Very young, just of out adolescence


Kaez is a very memorable Gnome. His skin is about as white as possible, and quite unnatural. His hair is that same pale shade. When not pulled into a small ponytail, it falls long and shaggy around his face. Even more striking than his fair skin are his eyes, with their shade of pale violet, and he has a small ring pierced into his right eyebrow. Most will never see this much of Kaez's face, as he prefers to stay covered by a heavy cloak and hood. This serves two purposes: to prevent unwanted questioning and to protect his sensitive skin from sunlight.


It takes a long time for a stranger to learn anything of consequence about Kaez. He is slow to be trusting and even slower to befriend. He is very quiet, and tends to watch and listen more than speak. When he does talk with others, he is extremely polite.

He is incredibly nervous when he is the subject of attention. Kaez appreciates his personal space, and becomes erratic and miserable when it is invaded and even more so when touched.

He is social inept, not understanding basic nuances in speech and gesture. Sarcasm is foreign to him and he rarely knows if somebody is being honest with him or not. He has no clue how to react to women and is incredibly innocent in that regard.


Though he carries a weapon, Kaez is fairy inadequate at fighting. He lacks the strength of warrior and paladins and does not know how to control the arcane. The best he can muster is luck and timing. He lacks a backbone when it comes to confrontation, however he will react with rage if pushed into the right circumstance.

He enjoys herbalism and alchemy as well as reading any book he can find.

One significant trait regarding Kaez is that he is blind in his right eye and partially deaf on that same side.



Kaez remembers very little about his childhood. His earliest memories are of his Teachers and a few of the other students. Unknown to him, he was raised in a cult environment at a "school" that few know exists. Those that know of it speculate over its intentions; that the "teachers" are attempting to create their own demons, develop beings of shadow and evil, make a new plague, etc.

There, he was molded into a student of shadow. The lessons and development of its use left Kaez broken in many ways, including his hearing, sight, speech, and more. The procedures were never painful or frightening, they were just a natural part of his growing up.

Though he has the ability to wield great power, he left before he could be taught how to control its use. The circumstances surrounding his departure from the school are unknown to Kaez. He just remembers his time spent there and his present time in Stormwind.


He was attending "school", all the while the world wars raged. Gnomeregan fell. Kaez knows nothing of these events and views the world through innocent (and unbiased) eyes. He has never met another Gnome (until very recently), and has seen very few Dwarves. The girls and boys were kept seperate in his youth, so interacting with females is a intimidating task. Kaez has found that life in the real world is confusing, and insanely frightening.

Present DayEdit

On his arrival in Stormwind, the first person Kaez met was a warrior by the name of Reidra Krastinov. This chance encounter has became monumental in the Gnome's short history, in that the warrior decided to take Kaez as her pet. Through coaxing, mild threats, and the promise of books, he agreed. He also feels that Reidra "saved" him from her Elven friend, Orimm, though the Elf never intended harm and was only trying to play with his mind.

He has quickly become devoted to this human, and views her through rose-colored glasses. She can do no wrong in his eyes. He has since become entangled in a complicated (and scary) web between Reidra, Mister Berrt, and Miss Elf.

He is currently questing in Elwynn Forest attempting to learn the basics of controlling his power, at the encouragement of Reidra.

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