Name: Kaihne Selthus
Race: Forsaken
Class: Priest
Professions: Alchemy/herbalism
Age: 23 (current)
Birthplace: Northern Lordaeron
Current Residence: Terrokar
Specialization: Shadow arts
Guild: Dawn of Anarchy

Personality Edit

Kaihne is kind(in a way) and outgoing, though her sense of humor often brinks on the sardonic or grotesque side. She is almost always willing to lend a helping hand, though that doesn't mean she won't restrain from mercilessly teasing the person as she does so. She is quite often strange and enjoys being odd for odd's sake, to see what kind of entertaining responses she can get out of people. Although she is outspoken and unafraid to speak her mind around her friends and colleagues, she can be surprisingly quiet and almost uncharacteristically shy when thrown into a situation or among people that she is not familiar or comfortable with.

Motivation Edit

Although she despises the Lich King and everything that he has done, her entrance into the priesthood had less to do with a passion for saving others' lives and more to do with what she had learned about the power of manipulating the mind from the Lich King's dark example.

Drawing on the idea that the Lich King had literally destroyed her homeland, family, and friends simply through the power of his mind all the way from his distant icy throne, Kaihne sought to master the dark arts of the priesthood, since they almost all focused on attacking and destroying the mind of the victim rather than the body.

Yet even though Kaihne became a priestess to learn to manipulate the mind, she is not unwilling to shed her shadow teachings and heal a friend in need—but only if she really, really has to.

Background Edit

In life, Kaihne had simply lived as a barmaid to a small inn of an even smaller and quite insignificant village in northern Lordaeron, where she had lived with her father and older brother. Due to how unremarkable her living teenage years as a human had been, in some ways, she almost counts the plague as a mixed blessing; indeed, she would have probably not left that small village if she never had died and rose again, nor would she have ever experienced the adventures she is now.

However, upon first waking up as part of the Forsaken, she had far from this “the glass is half full” attitude. She had been angry, bitter, and overall not a very approachable person. Rather lost and confused and unwilling to admit that she desperately missed her living life as a human(which, unlike so many Forsaken, she remembered completely), she had then clung to the most radical ideals of the Forsaken, following the Dark Lady without question and believing strongly in the new Plague that the Apothecaries were trying to create.

She had stayed like this for quite a while, even as she slowly grew stronger as a priest, until she had—mostly by chance—heard of a group of people who identified themselves as Wisps and Spirits. Although she had grown much more accepting of the other Horde races since her beginning as a member of the Forsaken, she had, up until that time, still bitterly considered the Alliance useful for nothing more than targets for her shadow magic. But, upon hearing of the group's radical pacifist and peace-oriented views, she had—perhaps despite her better judgment—decided to visit the human capital of Stormwind, which she had never been to even in life.

And in doing so, she brought about a rather dramatic change in herself. Inspired by the kindness showed to her by the Alliance races that she wouldn't have previously believed, she realized that she wasn't as utterly inhuman as she had previously considered herself. Though the change wasn't immediate, she slowly, over time, shed her hatred of the Alliance and came to no longer support the new Plague, nor to follow Sylvanas quite as reverently as she had. Having let go of so many dark thoughts, she because much more outgoing and likable, though she never lost her trademark sarcasm or overall peculiarity.

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