Statistics Edit

Name: Kamis
Title: The Mad
Race: Tauren
Class: Warrior
Guild: Harbingers of War
Tribe: None

Appearance Edit

Kamis is of average height for a Tauren, although that is about all he has in common with others of his kind. His armor is a ragged mismatch of assorted pieces, many ill-fitting, dented, bloodstained and rusting. The only items of his in good condition are his weapons, which, although caked in the same amount of gore as his armor, are kept sharpened to a razor edge.
His body appears to have been shown as little regard as his armor. Although still massive in bulk, Kamis is almost painfully thin by Tauren standards, to the extent of emaciation. His fur is wild and dark, matted with bits of dirt and blood, entire patches missing in spots of mange. His body is traced with a series of scabs and scars, bandages wrapped carelessly around infected wounds. As with the weapons at his sides, the only part of Kamis that seems to have any concern taken are his horns, which gleam brighly, coming to a vicious point.

History Edit

While his past has heavily influenced his philosophy, Kamis as been generally silent about the former, and incessantly vocal about the latter. What little that can be pieced together is generally as follows.
At one time, Kamis was a remarkably average Tauren. Taught extensively about the Earthmother as all young Tauren were, yet with no propensity for Druidism or Shamanism, he had taken up the mantle of a Warrior. With the joining of the Tauren with the Horde, Kamis was joined with a group of soldiers in combat against the Scourge. Battling back and forth across Kalimdor, the young Tauren was stretched to exhaustion by the constant warfare, growing accustomed to horrors beyond compare. However, his unit provided a source of comfort and companionship, until one fateful day.

Unprepared, Kamis and his companions were caught in an onslaught of the Scourge. Fighting valiantly, the inexorable crush quickly wore their small force down. Before his eyes, the soldiers Kamis had fought with for months began to fall, until finally, under the wave of bodies, Kamis fell himself, dazed and caught under a collection of bodies and appendages. For whatever reason, still alive, he was left behind as his few allies were subsequently felled.

To hear Kamis, what happened at the moment he awoke is what provided him with the enlightenment of what he termed "The Truth." To others, it's the moment in which the last vestiges of his sanity shattered, replaced with a perverse belief system devoid of morality which has earned him the title Kamis the Mad.
Opening his eyes, unconcious for an unknown duration, Kamis was surrounded by carnage. Strewn across the burning field were remains of the troops who had been his closest companions, shattered blades, and countless Scourge bodies. But most notably, directly in his line of sight, a single blade of grass stood among the trampled soil.

And Kamis became enlightened, or deranged.

Philosophy Edit

In gazing at the blade of grass, Kamis was flooded all at once with a rush of thoughts and realizations which eventually came to form the basis of his philosophy. The major points are expressed below, and quite frequently by Kamis himself.

The Earthmother
Kamis believes the Earthmother to be an all-powerful deity, responsible for the creation of all life on Azeroth, and throughout the universe as well. She is neither good nor evil, and may be used as a force of destruction as well.

Kamis believes that all life is pre-ordained to the most minute detail. Every breath an individual takes has been intended millenia before that individual was ever born. Free will is not present, merely the semblance of free will, in that creatures believe they have the power to choose.

The Cycle of Azeroth
As Kamis sees destiny as an unstoppable force, he also believes he sees patterns in this destiny. All things, no matter how advanced, are destined to eventually fall to ruin. However, from those ruins, a new, more advanced form emerges. As the Horde fell, the New Horde emerged with knowledge learned from prior mistakes. The destruction of Stormwind ended with its reconstruction. However, no form is meant to be eternal, as life is a continual series of struggles resulting in the eventual victory of the new, to become the old and replaced again by the new.

Kamis believes in the eventual reincarnation of all creatures which have died, although the details of this reincarnation are fairly vague. Upon death, Kamis believes, living beings are brought to join with the Earthmother in a form of afterlife, for a random duration. Eventually, creatures can often find themselves reincarnated as less advanced forms than their past lives.

Destruction as Devotion
While Kamis believes that the Earthmother will inevitably lead new life to flourish through irrevocable destiny, he believes that destruction is a key aspect to her worship, as it clears the way for the new order to establish itself, as well as bringing the spirits of beings to the Earthmother. This logic often places Kamis in opposition with others, especially those with a high regard for nature or life, as he will often advocate the destruction of forests or the murder of innocents.

The Forsaken
Kamis diverges from the majority opinion of his people in regard to the Forsaken. Rather than considering them against the natural order, he considers them a semi-divine group, who he often refers to as Holy Ones, or the Chosen People of the Earthmother. As well, he views the Plaguelands as a Promised Land. This is largely based by his belief that the act of becoming Undead, while still retaining the identities of their previous lives, amounts to effectively obeying the cycle of life in Azeroth while separating from it. They have died, and been reincarnated as themselves, a clear demonstration of the favor the Earthmother shows them. However, despite what he perceives as their status as a blessed group, Kamis does not believe they are broken from the cycles, and will eventually fall as all things must.

The Truth and The Lie Edit

Kamis has merged the diverse strains of his beliefs into a united philosophy which he refers to as the Truth. The Truth is not a religion requiring worship of the Earthmother, but rather a way of understanding the unbreakable hold of the destiny she has weaved. It teaches that all that happens was meant to happen and thereby unable to be subject to regrets. As well, it places an emphasis on the lack of value of life, arguing that destruction is a necessary tool to creation, and all creatures are reincarnated regardless.

Kamis places no real value on conversion, or even acceptance of the Truth. As it's not a religion so much as an explanation of the universe, he believes that regardless of personal opinions, all creatures are, in the end, entangled within the cycle of destiny and adhere to the Truth.

However, Kamis does acknowledge an opposition to the Truth, which he has termed the Lie. The Lie is embodied in his mind by the Night Elves and their immortality, as well as many of the Druidic orders with their attempts at preserving nature. Kamis sees the attempt to artificially preserve what should be allowed to rise and fall naturally as an affront to the order of the universe which the Earthmother has arranged. However, he does note that as all life is pre-destined, those who would adhere to the Lie are intended to well beyond they have a choice, and will eventually be returned to the natural cycles. He holds the loss of Elven immortality as evidence of this fact.

Personality Edit

Companions Edit

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