Kandana Li'tahEdit

Race: Troll
Age: 26
Class: Priest
Professions: Skinner/Tailor


Within five minutes of meeting Kandana, or Kanda, as most people call her, you’ll be either laughing or wishing you’d never met her. She is arrogant, and she knows it. She is in fact so arrogant, that she believes she has the right to be arrogant, due to her superior status over you. She of course has no REAL status over anyone, simply choosing to believe she is better.

However, if for some reason she allows someone to become close to her (most likely the reason having to do with that someone’s wealth), one may find that she cares about a select few, mostly her family. She would risk her life to save them, but then ask they never tell anyone what she just did.


She grew up with her two cousins, Fiamma and Miranka, and developed a protective attitude around them, even though Miranka was older.

She began to study how to be an effective conduit of the spirits, thinking she could better protect her family. Unfortunately, Fiamma “went and got herself killed” as she would say, before she was complete with her initial training.

One day, though, while in the Valley of Trials, she ran into none other than Fiamma. To this day they can be found in various parts of the world together, Kandana keeping a watchful eye on her through the guise of “Making sure ya stay outta trouble ya no-good cousin o’ mine”.

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