Karajai spends most of her day attending to her familial obligations and spending time with her young son. A large portion of her day is also spent fulfilling her duties as a shaman, which include studying and providing her services to the community. She would gladly spend the majority of her free time doing the afore mentioned if it were not for the good-natured goading of her dear friends Veurjai and Kuldorm. It is with these two trolls that she spends most of her spare time adventuring in the world of Azeroth and beyond.

Game Information
Race Troll
Class Shaman
Guild Blood Exiles
Professions Skinner (375/375)
Dragonscale Leatherworker (363/375)
Vital Statistics
Height 6'10"
Weight 168 lbs
Build Athletic
Hair Dark blue to black
Eyes Orange
Personal Information
Alignment Neutral/Neutral Good
Age 23
Marital Status Currently courting Veurjai.
Pets black snake

Physical AppearanceEdit

Though a handsome example of her kind, her face is serious almost to the point of being a scowl. However, "love-scratches" can be seen in various stages of healing on her cheeks. Her tusks are clean and well maintained with sharp tips.

Black hair is freshly arranged in a traditional style: Three parallel crests run along the center of her head down to her back, while her remaining hair is woven into chunky braids that hang around her shoulders. Her thick mane shines deep blue in any light.

Her physique, like her hair, is reminiscent of a thoroughbred horse--well kept and robust. Muscles knot and ripple under her short, soft fur. It is obvious that she is no stranger to physical activity. The fur itself is much like that of a horse's in length and texture, only it is as blue as the mid-afternoon sky. A curvaceous figure softens her slightly broad shoulders and ample musculature.

Her movements are what cease to remind you of an equine. While they are smooth and purposeful, there is also something predatory about them.

About her neck are various talismans and charms tied on with various bits of ribbon, string and leather thongs. They click softly together as she moves. Her ears are adorned with numerous silver rings, however each ear bears its own intricately crafted trinket. A small diamond stud ads a touch of glimmer to her left nostril. Potions dangle from her belt and slosh with every step.

Personality Edit

Something of a cross between an Southern Lady and a Voodoo-Shamaness. Very proper, proud of her culture and traditions, and staunchly devoted to her religion---only it happens to be some sort of Voodoo-Shamanism instead of Christianity. She takes life seriously, almost to a fault, but has a good sense of humor and an optimistic outlook.

Interests Edit

Protecting and preserving the customs, traditions, and lore of her people. Her heart sickens as she watches the other Darkspear abandon their traditions and beliefs for those of their new allies.

Karajai enjoys cooking and fishing. She also greatly enjoys going for evening rides on her raptor, especially with her two favorite fella's: her son and her suitor. Swimming is also another favorite pass-time, developed as a result of many years of coastal living.


A Brief Timeline

  • Born on the island settled by the Darkspear after their secession from the Gurubashi Empire.
  • Lost a brother and a sister to the murloc raiders.
  • Was 16 and apprenticed to her shaman grandmother when Thrall and his band of orcs arrived.
  • She and her family left with Thrall and wandered Kalimdor with the New Horde.
  • Helped her people settle the Echo Isle.
  • She and her family once again fled when Zalazane captured the Echo Islands.
    • She was pregnant at this time.
    • The baby's father was lost to Zalazane.
  • The family helped found Shadowprey Village at that time, where she lived until it was time to continue her training and summoned to the Den.

Relations Edit

Grandmother: Grann
Sister: Vinjai
Suitor: Veurjai
Good Friends: Kuldorm

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Adventures & StoriesEdit

((Coming Soon.))

Comments & ContactsEdit

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