Vitals Edit

Name: Kathurikai Duskedge
Nickname: Kai -- though it's wiser call him by his full name until given permission otherwise
Faction: Alliance
Race: Night Elf
Class: Hunter
Professions: (Dis)enchanter/Leatherworker
Guild: The Iron Seraphim
Birthplace: Nordrassil, Mount Hyjal
Current Home: Stormwind City
Gender: Male
Height: 7'8"
Weight: 260 lbs
Hair color: White
Skin tone: Pale blue
Eyes: Ice-gray, faint amber glow

Appearance Edit

Kathurikai Duskedge is a beast of winter, powerful of body and cold of mind. His coloring is frost and ice, and his eyes burn with the pale brilliance of the solstice stars. There is a sleek, untamed languor about him, the groomed and deadly repose of the frostsabers of the north. Broad-shouldered, lean-hipped, rough of hand and silent of foot, he is as courteous as he is brutal: a strange and compelling blend of Kaldoreian civility and bestial savagery.

Kathurikai is nearly always armored and armed. His favored weapons are sword, axe, dagger and bow. The particularly perceptive will notice he wears three iron ingots on leather cords about his neck, inside his armor. Each is carven with a different Darnassian character. He does not answer questions regarding these talismans.

An abstract sense of the eldritch surrounds him and sets him apart. He seems to exist on his own plane, in a world of personal honor and universal truth, unburdened by human morality and ethics. He towers over lesser beings in form and presence both, somehow seeming more than those around him: more eternal, more alive, more commanding, more real - more than this mortal coil can contain. If the loss of his immortality has diminished Kathurikai, it does not show. He is still every inch the Kaldorei, aloof, patient, inexorable and deadly - a fragment of a world all but forgotten, though not quite lost.

Personality Edit


Silithus by night.

No matter the situation, Kathurikai maintains an aura of quiet, complete confidence. Coupled with his iron self-control, these traits can often make Kathurikai seem a cold creature, unfeeling and arrogant.

One's first impression of Kathurikai invariably consists of unfailing, impersonal courtesy and an air of cool indifference, doubtlessly stemming from an unimaginably long life. He seems distant and unapproachable, his thoughts abstracted beyond mortal grasp. One might easily assume him jaded, well past all care and all emotion save a faintly contemptuous amusement: what fool these mortals be. He is a solitary creature, preferring his own company over that of nearly all others.

However, in rare cases longer association begins to reveal the layers beneath the surface. A surprisingly wicked, dry sense of humor reserved for those closer than mere acquaintances. A deep sense of loyalty and generosity toward his friends. A great love and respect for the beasts that fight at his side. An unswerving, private code of honor both in combat and out, the exact boundaries of which seem complex and sometimes incomprehensible to the outsider. A wanderlust rooted deep in his soul, that drives him away from the crowds and the noise of great cities and into the wild. An unspoken reverence for the beauty and majesty of a wilder, older world.

A very few can also attest to the surprising force of the emotions that dwell deep beneath this Kaldorei's customary reserve. His memory is long, and he repays like for like -- good or bad. Like a glacier with a heart of fire, he's extremely slow to love or hate, but unstoppable when at last roused to breaking point.

Quotes Edit

"Hunt without remorse. Love without doubt. Kill without hate. Live without fear. To live as a beast does -- is that not the truest definition of freedom?"

"You can do better than that."
("What does that mean?")
"It means put some fire in those eyes, fire-mage."

History Edit

Little is known about Kathurikai's ancestry. He is of the House of Duskedge, though few remember what this means. It's uncertain if Kathurikai himself is amongst them.

As for his past, he doesn't speak of it, except in casual comments in conversation. From these, one might glean that he remembers the Well of Eternity; that he spent his youth in the icy slopes of Mount Hyjal; that he remembers the wars and the Scourge, and the fall of Nordrassil.

Since then, he has reclused himself away somewhere -- possibly Winterspring, for his familiarity with the area -- until recent events brought him to Shadowglen to answer the call-to-arms against renewed threats of Scourge and Silithid, dragonkind and dark iron.

Companions Edit



Kathurikai's mount since Solstice was released to the wild after twenty long seasons of service, Nightfall is an enormous stormsaber bred from the finest bloodlines of Darnassian sabers. He is noteworthy for his strength and resilience, as well as the three gold hoops through his left ear, each of which is carven with a different elfish character. The particularly perceptive (and nosy) will notice these match the carvings on the iron ingots Kathurikai himself wears.



Svarog is a great frostsaber of Winterspring, with a pelt the color of a glacier's heart and eyes like ghostfire. Silent and deadly, prone to sudden bursts of violence, he's Kathurikai's almost-constant companion. Rumor has it Svarog is descended from Rak'shiri.



Black as sin, heavy of jaw and shoulder, Fenris is a swaggering beast of a worg stolen from the very depths of Blackrock Mountain where the Bloodaxe orcs make their home. He is most frequently seen on forays into dungeons and keeps.



Tezcatlipoca is an unremarkable-looking cougar, tan-furred and brown-eyed, whose one defining feature is a broken canine tooth on his left side. Still young, and still in training, it's not readily apparent why Kathurikai has gone through so much trouble to tame this cat.

Worg Pup
As-yet unnamed, this diminutive little worg pup already shows signs of the ferocity his lineage is known for. He bears an uncanny resemblance to Fenris, and is often seen tailing the much larger worg about.

Orange Tabby Cat
This fellow is yet another unnamed small pet from Kathurikai's menagerie. Though nothing about it makes it immediately unique, Kathurikai seems to favor it greatly for reasons unknown.

Other Small Pets
...include a faerie dragon, a spire spiderling, several cats, and several frogs. Hey, a hunter's gotta have pets.

Relations Edit

Adann Duskedge
A (much) younger sibling, Adann Duskedge is as different from Kathurikai as night is from day. Adann seems primarily interested in axes, battle, and women, rarely taking anything seriously. He also has a reputation for being hotheaded, insufferably arrogant, and quite foul-tempered on occasion. OOC Note: Adann is a 19 WSG alt.

Vyssandriele Whisperwild
It's not clear what the exact relationship between Kathurikai and Vyssandriele is, but it's almost certain they are bound by blood-ties. Kathurikai seems to take on the role of an older brother, often assisting the younger druid on her adventures.

Mineekiko (Ivria Solreina)
Kathurikai has known the mage-courtesan Mineekiko for some time now, but he speaks little of her. He can be seen bantering with her in Stormwind on occasion; if their relationship runs any deeper than that, Kathurikai makes no mention of it.

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