Name: Kazga
Race: Orc
Sex: Female
Age: 20 (Human Reckoning)
Born: Unknown
Class: Rogue
Affiliations: Warsong Clan
Professions: Skinning and Leatherworking
Status: Active


Kazga stands fairly tall for a female orc, almost matching the height of some trolls with little difficulty. Add to this the fact that her head is usually held high, with a self-sure, cocky grin on her face more often than not, and it can easily be said that the pup has some presence to her. As muscled as any orc, her physique seems a bit lengthy - lithe, as it were - and she carries it with a seemingly weightless step. Her eyes still bear the heated fire seen in so many orcs, though if it were ever red, it seems to have dimmed to a vibrant, piercing orange. Her head is kept shaved clean, likely an attempt to be rid of any of that troublesome hair during battles.


Warsong to the bone, Kazga thrives in combat, and has absolutely no qualms about bloodshed or killing. She doesn't look for fights, necessarily, but doesn't turn them down should they come her way. Subtle when required, she still gets a kick out of charging in, half-armored, with only her blades and feet to her name (usually because she still somehow manages to win).

With deep respect for Thrall and the Horde, she's at least amiable to the other races, though the Sin'dorei tend to give her a good laugh more than anything. Being more of an in-the-moment type, she can plan ahead, but doesn't look back, and rarely holds grudges.

It has been observed that she has a tendency to be sharp-tongued with dark humor.


All that is known is that Kazga is a descendant of the Warsong Clan, and was raised while Grom Hellscream still led their numbers. Her parents and family are unaccounted for.


((Under Construction))


Kazga has come of age and begun serving under the Warchief. She is most often seen in and around Orgrimmar and the Crossroads, taking odd jobs and working where her skills are needed.

Little is known as to her goals or plans.

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