Description Edit

Name: Kea'lyn Stormshadow
Title: Forest Shade
Race: Night Elf
Class: Druid
Professions: Skinner and Herbalism
Age: 267
Eye Colour: Silver
Hair: Emerald Green
Skin-Tone: Deep Violet
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 190
Alignment: Neutral Good.

Background Edit


Kea'lyn grew up far from any major Night Elf cities or villages. She lived with her parents, who maned a small outpost deep in the forests of Ashenviel. Her father was a druid and her mother a huntress, giving Kea'lyn a strong background in survival and the ways of nature. She learned everything from the balance that must be maintained to tracking and the basics of hunting prey to survive. She also learned Druidic early on and discovered how to communicate with a number of intelligent animal species using the language.

When she was still young, Kea'lyn came across a nightsaber cub that had been seriously injured. Calling upon earth magics she bearly knew how to use, she healed the cub and returned him to his mother. The female nightsaber showed her gratitued by offering to teach Kea'lyn more fully the ways of the wild. What first started off as a reluctant show of thanks developed over the years into a deeper relationship. Leru, a name given by Kea'lyn, took the young night elf in as her own cub and raised her as such. She was affectinatly refured to as Leru's "little Forest Shade" for her skill in tracking and stalking prey. Encuraged by her parents, Kea'lyn would spend days in the forest with her adopted family, returning again with numerous stories of her adventures.

As Kea'lyn aged, she began to learn more about the druidic magics she possesed. Her father taught her the basics of control, but his teachings could only go so far. But Kea'lyn was reluctant to leave the home where she had grown up. It was finally at Leru's urging that Kea'lyn chose to leave for Teldrassil and begin her training. Before she left, Serahn, the nightsaber cub who had become a brother to Kea'lyn, gave her a gift. A single silver wing feather from a Strigid Screecher. Kea'lyn still has this feather tied in her hair today.

Young AdulthoodEdit

Kea'lyn trained with other druids at the new World Tree, Teldrassil. While there, she witnessed the corruption beginning to over take the creatures that lived there. She began to question the wisdom behind the decision to grow the new Tree. But she was still too young to believe her people would make such a choice that would cause such suffering. She atributed the corruption in Teldrassil to left over reminates from the Burning Legion.

Kea'lyn worked to correct the imbalances in Teldrassil and later in Darkshore and Ashenvale. In her travels, she noticed a number of the "Newer races." Out of curiosity, she made the journy on the farry to Menethil Harbor. There she met another night elf warrior, Mendelias, who offered to escort her to Thelsamar. The two became fast friends after that and often would adventure together.

When word came from Kea'lyn's trainers that she must enter the Emerald Dream for training, she was both excited and nervious. She had always imagined journying into the Dream where her father had spent much time. But she was also reluctant to leave her new friend. With only a short farewell, Kea'lyn entered the Dream, and the next stage of her training.

Rescent HistoryEdit

Reciently, Kea'lyn has again awoken from the Emerald Dream. She has attempted to make contact with her old friend, Mendelias. While fighting on a partially sunken ship mand by an undead crew, she again met up with him as he charged to her aid. In true Mendelias fashion, he then proceeded to inform Kea'lyn he had found true love, while still in the midst of the undead crew. Kea'lyn was happy for him, but pointedly reminded him that maybe this was not the best place to discuss such issues.

In one of her trecks through Stranglethorn, Kea'lyn happened upon a strange artifact in a ruined troll temple. The object appeared to be a silver claw, meant to be used as a weapon. Inexplicably drawn to it, she took it from the temple and placed it on her hand to wield it. She was filled with a wild strength and felt a connection to all living things around her. She has been traveling the world, primarily in her feline form, enjoying the freedom she feels from the new strength.

At one point she was drawn to Faralas for reasons she could not explain. If asked, Kea'lyn would have said she was answering a call from the wilds there. On the docks to the Feathermoon Outpost, she encountered an odd group of adventurers, all of them also claiming to have been drawn to that location. Each of them all had strange objects they had found within the last week.

After hearing about a vision seen by a night elf druid involving all of those present, including Kea'lyn, they discussed the changes that had occured to each of them. While it was obvious that the others had mostly suffered negative traits, Kea'lyn could not see how her claw could cause anything but good for her. She was adamant that any affect from her possesing her item was not negative. Between the meeting with the other adventurers and suffering the unwelcomed intrests of a troll who happend to be in the area, Kea'lyn quickly felt herself becoming edgy.

The end could not come soon enough for Kea'lyn when Lady Xyra left with each of them promising to research the relics they all possesed. She quickly fled into the wilds of Faralas to escape the attentions of those remaining. She now again travels the wilds, but intends to fulfill her promise to at least try to locate the origins of her new weapon, which she is now refering to as the Wildclaw.

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