Raised as a rover, trained as a mage, becoming a hero...

The Beginning

Keff a simple boy, raised by his two travelling merchant parents, Franz and Letillia had an uncanny knack of getting himself ( and dragging others ) into trouble. His family travelled from Lakeshire to Sentinel's Hill, sometimes through Stormwind to Kharanos, he quickly memorized the terrain, landscape and direction of each little town and roads that connect them. They lived a peaceful life...until the Defias began to spread, first infiltrating Stormwind and Elwynn, to the little camps they now keep in Redridge. Their business was drowned and the family forsaken, till it only got worse. Several weeks after the loss of their fourth caravan their camp was infiltrated by a group of one was spared except for Keff who was trampled by a spooked horse and was thought dead. When he awoke he fled to Stormwind seeking help where he met the young Harok. He owned a guild named Faith of the Fallen a guild primarily dedicated to the aid of all those who have lost someone and their homes in the Invasion of the Scourge. He began training under an old, feeble mage by the name of Orcruster and even today follows his strict teachings with a few improvements of his own.

The Berserker

As Keff grew older he became more wiser, stronger and more dangerous, his constant additions to his masters teachings either had wondrous effect, or deadly consequences, when the latter happened he was in the infirmary for several weeks at a time. His powers gained, until the amount he thought he could start training on his own, his master happily obliged and that was the last they saw of each other for several years...

He began fighting the Defias, brutally slaying all he could as he searched for the raven haired, slightly mustached man that was the leader of the raid. More and more death, more and more magic consumed, he now lived off of it, it accompanied him everywhere, it would do anything for him, as long as he used called itself, the Berserker. In his dreams it took the form of a man with scaley skin and yellow slit eyes. It wore a cloak that embraced itself around him like shadows on a street wall. It carried a large scythe, sharper then the claws of a dragon, and it seemed to be as tall as a giant. When it spoke it was a hiss a dark red slitted tongue carried it's words to Keff's ears and it promised itself to him, as long as he would let it be there beside him...insane, he accepted...

Keff was gone for three years, enough time to slay over a thousand Defias, enough time to miss the attack on Harok, Orcruster and the guild..when he came back he was warned immediately what happened and he flew there as fast as he could...when he got there it was like hell had come, stomped on the place and then spit fire to clean the mess up. Bodies were strewn everywhere, fire was still burning and the building was shattered, pieces of it laying elsewhere. He walked until he found Harok's body, he still seemed to have a faint pulse, Keff stirred him and when Harok opened his eyes, he gasped and let himself fall into death. Keff saw the look in Harok's eyes...he instinctively knew why he was alive and well, and how he hadn't been was the Berserker, he felt his skin and touched the rough scales, he hadn't known it would take over his body he wanted to cast it away and leave it forever...all he got was the faint hissing inside of his head, he wept.

Keff constantly fought with his intruder, sometimes in the middle of streets he would break out yelling at it, the citizens of Stormwind began to think he was crazy, they were half right, but they didn't know the full story. He fought and fought, fighting a two way war, with the Defias and himself, his powers were like a double-edged blade everytime he used them, the Berserker slowly and slowly corrupted his body. Keff began to wear hoods to cover his face, as scales began to encompass his body, his shoulders, fore-arms, neck and now his face. He wouldn't give up he kept telling himself, he wouldn't give up. That was when he found Bimala Ithusu, the only person to truly understand him, she was his sister and he could tell her everything, he told her of his past, his plans of the future, and his eventual love, but he could never tell her about the Berserker for if he did it would erupt and kill him. Except for one night while they were sitting on the waterfall in the Hinterlands, when he told her, he told her to kill him, that he couldn't stand the pain any longer. She nodded and slowly drew her hammer, thinking she was going to kill him, Keff braced himself for the blow, but all he heard was words. She chanted then like a song and the holy energies flew from her body and surrounded his own, he felt the shadow fall out of him until the Light dragged it infront of him, chaining it down to the ground. Keff looked at it, and smiled, then lifted his head and sent a fireball into the Berserker's head...drowning it into the earth below.

Happiness Can Never Last

His sister and himself then began to spend a lot more time together, they fought together, laughed together and partied together, accompanied by the guild, Auxilio Ab Alto, they never strayed into anything they couldn't overcome. That is until Bimala told Keff she was going back to her village, that they were in trouble and they needed her. Keff being the man that he is, accepted it and watched her until she was simply a spot in the distance. That was when Keff left Auxilio Ab Alto and began his own path, searching the world for treasures, a special one he still remembers today, the Wolfshead Mask. He adorned it not thinking, and it seemed like a regular mask, until he woke the following morning as a Night Elf, and not a Human. He began training as a druid, learning the ways and dominating in Feral Combat. He soon began fighting on his own, defending the Elven homeland and their culture. Then he met Kerix Falco and Kiah Silvergaze, two good friends he still has this day. They brought him into the Order of Lordaeron, also a guild he is still apart of today. He became an Agent to Kiah and worked assassinations and other deeds for the two. He was with them until his own Night Elven family turned on him and attempted an assassination. He survived, killing the raiders, ruthlessly and without mercy. He then threw away anything to do with the Elves and gave up Druidism to follow the path of an assassin ( rogue ). He took what he knew about Feral Combat, combined it with his new skills and was soon a killing machine. He knew no bounds in the ways of killing, and sooned learned several varieties. On such occasion was against the family that sought to kill himself, he entered their home and killed the patron, and brother, before the guards knew, he fought like a savage, and slew them, he slowly walked through Darnassus to Teldrassil until his saber Obsidian picked him up and dragged him away...

Life Anew, The Awakening of a Hero

When the Light, once again, flew into his body, Keff awoke suddenly. He looked around and noticed he was in the Northshire Abbey, several priests and care-takers surrounded him making sure he was okay. He thanked them all and recovered quickly, then, went back to Stormwind to contact, Kerix and Kiah immediately. He met with Kerix, and was surprised when he was to be the new Lord General of the Army of Lordaeron, a position he took, honored. He then began training as a mage anew, but this time he knew his restrictions, he knew his power was great, but with great power comes great responsibility.

Keff is still the Lord General of the Army of Lordaeron and is still an aspiring, powerful mage. He uses his skill to help with the re-capture of their stolen homeland and the new threat in Outland. Keff fights with honor, passion and knowledge living a loyal life to his King, Brucillan Garian, his friends, Kerix, Kiah, Araoth, Menuca and Enrik, and his sister who has finally returned and they have started off right where they left off, Bimala.

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