Race: Draenei
Residence: The Exodar
Class: Paladin
Professions: Herbalist, Alchemist
Affiliations: None, though widely respected among the Alliance.

The Character DiamondEdit

(( The following is in the vein of the Character Diamond idea, which seems to me a very interesting way of going about character description. I will follow the Wedding Mnemonic, just because it's cool. ))

Old (racially-typical trait) - hefty. Draenei are big and strong. This is simply a fact. And when they set themselves to something, it knows it's been set to. Keleroth is definitely a Draenei in this sense.

New (racially-unusual trait) - bubbly. While many Draenei are known for perseverance in the face of peril, there are only a few who actually make jokes about the peril while they're facing it. "Sure, we've been exiled from at least two homeworlds already, fighting a losing battle against impossible odds and nearly invincible enemies, and our capital city is the crashed remains of one wing of a teleporting fortress that we had to steal back from the second of two races bent on our utter annihilation, but it could be worse. The Naaru could be allergic to us."

Borrowed (class-typical trait) - dedicated. Keleroth is truly and honestly devoted to his ideals: serving the Light, smiting evil in all its forms, rescuing the hopeless and downtrodden, healing the injured, strengthening the weak.

Blue (interesting color) - insecure. Keleroth worries about his weight and appearance much more than the average fighter. He practices alchemy to cover up the fact that he simply adores the scents of herbs and pretty flowers, a trait he hides as rather effeminate. He is accompanied in most of his exploits by a longtime friend who also happens to be a gorgeous and eligible lady, and he has yet to drum up the courage to actually court her.


Keleroth is built large and solid, and occasionally frightens everyone around him by jumping along merrily as if he were a small child. His pale faceplates swing wide away from his bright blue eyes, and his dark and greenish hair somehow follows suit with an array of broad spikes. He keeps full sideburns which apparently aspire to become a mustache. He wears gold rings on his facial tentacles, and also on his tail. The rings on his fingers and the necklace at his throat bear the same craftsman's marks.

Whenever possible, Keleroth makes sure that he is only seen in a fine set of burnished armor, kept neat and clean. When in a particularly jovial mood, he may crack jokes about this: "Fear me, foe, for I am SHINY!"


Keleroth seems to thoroughly enjoy life. There are, of course, things he hates, but for the most part he keeps an open eye and an open mind, and ends up fairly happy with the result. He feels the call of the Paladin in his marrow, and whacking things with hammers and then healing them by the power of the Light comes to him less like second nature and more like first.

He considers any fellow Draenei as part of a large, extended family, and will almost always help them in any way he can. He is fascinated by the society of Night Elves and Humans, particularly intrigued by the latter's courage and devotion to the Light, while Dwarves are distinctly curious to him, and Gnomes are downright strange. Tauren are seen nearly as an alternate-universe mirror of the Draenei and are therefore worthy of great interest, while Trolls and their twisted similarity to the Night Elves merit further investigation as well. Orcs are not trusted, and Blood Elves are simply attacked on sight.


Keleroth was part of the first wave of survivors of the Exodar's crash, awakening to explore the new world in the first day or so. He was overjoyed to find that Yttrith, a companion Paladin, was also a quick recovery, and they have adventured together as much as possible.

Recently, Keleroth earned the recognition of Velen himself, and now proudly wears the Tabard of the Hand. He is preparing to journey into the wide unknown of Azeroth, leaving Azuremist behind.

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