Game Information
Race Blood Elf
Class Rogue
Professions Skinner, Leatherworker
Vital Statistics
Height 5'10"
Weight 191 lbs
Build Muscular
Hair Golden
Eyes Yellow
Personal Information
Age 74
Birthplace Suncrown Village, Quel'Thalas
Marital Status Single


More powerfully built than most of his kind, his lithe frame resembles a human athlete more than the archetypal Sin'Dorei magister. Nevertheless his eyes and facial structure are distinctly elven, and little else about him would seem to call the purity of his blood into question.

Although his Thalassian is on par with the most practiced courtiers, the callous marks on his hands bear silent testament to a background outside the royal courts of Silvermoon. However, his Orcish pronunciation is quite poor and his speech in that language is slow and deliberate.


Around those he considers his social or class superiors, Kelyon portrays the image of a perfect servant. He is quiet and respectful, offering tidbits of calculated dry wit only after another party has signaled acceptance of casual conversation. Capable enough of carrying on light conversation with Sin'Dorei nobles, he rarely interjects with his own personal anecdotes but prefers to listen to their stories of triumph, woe, and assorted gossip. Usually the only thing that can disturb his placid disposition is direct, unwarranted scorn from one above his social class. When treated with even less than the courtesy due a common citizen of Quel'Thalas he positively boils with pent-up rage, his powerful body trembling like a spring wound too tight. When truly provoked his fingers sometimes drift unconsciously toward a knife sheathe at his waist (whether it's actually present or not), though he nearly always chooses to remove himself from the situation rather than create an incident.

Among his social equals or inferiors (including most non-elves) Kelyon is less formal but no less careful. While more likely to crack jokes or use colorful language, he is no more revealing about himself. Again, he's more likely to laugh with friends and associates and cheer for more tales of coin and cleavage than volunteer his own. Still it's readily apparent he feels more at home around those of his class, and it's here that his pleasure-seeking side sometimes comes out. Given the money and the opportunity, he enjoys sampling a number of vices among his own people, many of which serve to stave off the pangs of Addiction. While he's generally careful to partake in moderation (it wouldn't do to attract the wrong kind of attention), he's been known to make poor decisions from time to time, often regarding the hookah, occasionally women.


Official records of his birth and early life are missing from the Royal Archives, presumed lost during the Scourge invasion of Silvermoon. Due to the backlog of individuals and Houses who lost their holdings and/or documents in the Third War seeking recognition from the Convocation, Kelyon (like thousands of others) has been granted temporary resident status in Silvermoon until his formal re-application for citizenship can be processed.


A compilation of the various letters Kelyon has written can be viewed here. Please respect IC/OOC knowledge boundaries - if a letter isn't addressed to you, you'd better have a good IC reason to know about its contents.

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