((Written on fine parchment, this letter is addressed to the Honorable Master Cruendithas Pegason of Silvermoon City, Quel'Thalas. The wax used to secure it does not bear the mark of any seal or signet ring))

To the Honorable Master Cruendithas Pegason:

I am shamed to write to you unsolicited and unintroduced in this manner, but the events of the Third War have left me with no other recourse. I have been for some time absent from the fair streets of Silvermoon - too long, I think. Fate willing, I seek a return to my homeland, but I have no sponsor. That honorable sir, is the essence of this missive.

I am told you are a respected man of business, and I approach you with a contractual proposition. Your House and affairs are not entirely unknown to me, and I know you have experienced no small success in your endeavours. Even so, I am told that you employ no majordomo, no master of servants. This much I can do.

I will not speak of myself at length, but I have trained as a steward among the Kirin Tor of Dalaran. While I wish my former patron Magus Kara Ran-Raistlin (Light embrace his soul) could recommend me himself, he and his estate suffered terribly at Archimonde's hand. Nevertheless, I am confident in my ability to handle all relevant managerial and financial affairs concerning my employer's household. My education is adequate to perform basic clerical duties, manage more junior members of your private staff, and entertain guests. And at risk of offending one's sense of modesty, I will say that I am a quick study should you require more specialized assistance.

Should you see fit to consider my petition for employment, please notify me via mail. I would be delighted to meet you in person for an interview at your earliest convenience. Naturally, I can work around your schedule.

Respectfully yours, Kelyon

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