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Dear Kelyon,

First of all, I would like to express my thanks for your choice in communicating with me by courier; far too often I am assaulted with people at my door, simply wishing to barge into my life with little substance and less tact. As busy as my schedule may be, I always find the time to sit down and write replies when it falls to the realm of the letterhead.

Now that I have applauded your wisdom, I should like to indulge your inquiry with an answer. To be blunt, I am very interested in your potential employment under the House of Pegason. As you perhaps already know, my House is rapidly expanding in the wake of some very successful ventures in the family business. I have recently relocated myself and my kin to larger accommodations, the stately building on the corner of Fallowbreeze Court and Indigo Avenue, henceforth known as Pegason Manor. Now, I am sure you know as well as I do that such a large estate requires a staff of servants to keep things running smoothly and cleanly, and indeed I am in the market for a Majordomo to coordinate and represent them.

Because you claim to know the basics of my family and our needs, I needn’t explain much more here. I would very much like to meet with you in person, perhaps some place local in Silvermoon. There is a quaint tavern operated on the days of Monday, Wednesday and Friday right here in Silvermoon that I am quite fond of if you should like to meet any of those days. Do write me back and we can set something in stone; my schedule is somewhat hectic, as you can guess, but I will certainly find the time to meet with a potential steward such as yourself. It is there that we shall outline your duties, skills, and compensation. There’s a bright future for those willing to work for my House, I am glad to see individuals such as yourself coming forward.

May this response find you swiftly,

Cruendithas Pegason

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