Keryn Isenour Edit

Gender: Female
Faction: Horde
Race: Forsaken
Age (at death): 20
Origin: Lordaeron
Class: Warrior
Profession: Miner/Blacksmith (Axesmith)
Hobbies: Fishing, Cooking
Guild: Council member of Bad Moon Rising
Highest PvP rank attained: Senior Sergeant
Favored Battleground: Arathi Basin
Usually found in: Orgrimmar

History Edit

Keryn was the daughter of a blacksmith in a small village in Lordaeron. When she was a young girl, she had a desire to become a guard, but she wound up marrying one of her father's apprentices instead, approximately a year before the Plague.

Keryn was neither the first nor the last in her village to succumb to the Plague. She does not remember what occurred between the time she died and the time her soul was returned to her dead body, but she does recall the time after that and all too clearly remembers being controlled as part of the Scourge for quite some time before she broke free. This has left her with a horror of mind control in all its forms.

Like many who fell to the Plague and became part of the Scourge, Keryn's personality altered. She was always impatient with others, always strong-willed, but since reawakening, she's carried her independence to new heights, refusing almost all aid that others might render her. The "finer emotions" appear to be beyond her now, and she expresses "devotion" as a furious sort of protectiveness. Her humor is darker now, bitter and self-mocking, but she still seeks to find what amusement she can in her condition, referring to herself as a "zombie" on occasion. She finds dealing with other beings difficult now, even more so than in life. Before the Plague, she understood the value of cooperation, but now, taking the leap and allying herself once more with a tribe of mostly living beings is a difficult one, one that has required and will require a great deal of mental adjustment over days and weeks to come.

Upon regaining control of herself, she was immediately presented with the new order of things: every living thing was her enemy; every living thing existed to kill her. She could see the truth of this for herself, the cursed beasts of the Tirisfal Glades, the crazed humans of the Scarlet Crusade, it seemed even the rocks and trees had become enemies. She took up the arms she had desired in life and learned to fight.

Smithing Edit

Keryn is a Master Axesmith (300). She is also a Master Miner (300). She enjoys crafting even more than she enjoys wielding her favorite axe and is happiest when standing before the anvil.

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