((When I get stuff sorted out, I'll post a history and other junk like that.))


Race: Human
Age: 37
Birthplace: Tirisfal Glades
Class: Warrior
Affiliations: First Mate of The Felsworn Sail
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Appearance: This man stands tall, at around 6', and is built like a warrior. He has a certain nimbleness to his movements despite his size, as they seem to flow perfectly, one into the other. His steps seem to be nearly as light as air.

Khas is a distant, weather-beaten looking man. His black shaggy hair and unshaven face show flecks of grey already spread around. Searching green eyes gaze back at you from a dark stubbornly determined face.

A travel-worn cloak that could have once been a dark grey is draped around his shoulders. His attire shows signs of the wild, which it appears this man is clearly a part of. Lastly, a faded gold ring with rubies set firmly around the band adorns one of his fingers.

Those connected with the Elements, especially the Earth, may notice something peculiar about him.

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