Khelron DreamdaggerEdit

Race: Gnome
Age: ??
Birthplace: Assumed Gnomeregan
Class: Warlock
Professions: Skinning, Enchanting
Affiliations: None known
Appearance: Dark and brooding eyes hide beneath Khelron's black hood, and his face is twisted into an eternal vision of suffering and sadness. He is covered from head to toe in shadowy cloth, and a glowing blue dagger hangs from his waist. There is a tiny book in his left hand that he is continually reading from.
Status: Can often be seen wandering Ironforge, Redridge and Darkshire.


Khelron is very quiet and rarely, if ever, speaks. He knows more about everything than he should, more than any sane being would want to.


Khelron first appeared to Stockings O'Malley as a shadow haunting the fringes of his vision, a few days after he murdered the warlock Jenchenzi. After that, Stockings would constantly see a darkly robed figure running past an alley or leaning against a corner, staring intently at him. Stockings believed he was being stalked by an assassin, of a rival guild perhaps, and set a rather simple plan in place to catch Khelron out. He would dress one of his expendable lackeys as himself, and then hide in the shadows as his double marched through Ironforge. If his idea worked, he would go after the prowler himself, and if it didn't, his hireling would.

Khelron appeared to fall for the bait, and Stockings pounced on him, blades drawn. He slashed at Khelron's side and tore his robe before the warlock kicked out, throwing Stockings off him, and leaping to his feet. His hood fell back as he did so, and revealed his face.

Violet eyes, and lightning blue hair. Stockings fled.

The DreamdaggerEdit

Story to come soon.

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