Author: Eberk

Here follows an account of when Eberk and his brother Khor were younger, and Khor had just finished enchanting the great axe Burnfate.

"'s incredible! Da won' be able te say yer not skilled anymore, tha's for sure!" Khor looked over the blade with a practiced eye, the magical flames lighting his sharp eyes in a golden radiance. Suddenly he laughs. "It's perfect! This will be my release from the fool. Our father shall deny me no longer. Here is the flame that will cleave through my cage. Behold, brother, the axe Burnflame!" As he spoke the name, the flame doubled and spat thick tendrils of fire in all directions. Khor caught a blast of it in his face. "Khor!" Eberk started to grab the axe away, but his brother was laughing again. "Don' worry, Eberk. Burnflame will not go against it's master. I am untouched. Do you want to try it out yourself?" Eberk nodded slowly, amazed that Khor was letting him touch something he obviously considered so important. Carefully he took the axe from Khor and held it up. Behind the flame that wrapped elegantly around the blade there was reflected the light from the Great Forge. Eberk could hardly speak, he was so amazed by it's elegance, it's overwhelming power. "What will ya do with it?" Khor grinned. "I will take it to father and show it to him. I will prove to him that I have surpassed him completely. Then I will have my respect." "Aye, he'll respect this fer sure." But Eberk saw in his brother's eyes a fire that he was afraid of. Saying nothing, he put the feeling of dread out of his mind and handed Burnfate back to his brother. To his further surprise Khor said to him, "Eberk, I can hardly believe you can appreciate this moment. You've grown more than I thought. Come, I'm going to teach you to wield an axe." Eberk was surprised and happier then than he'd been in a long time. Finally his brother accepted him.


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