Name: Khundei Darkspear

Race: Jungle Troll

Age: 23

Place of Birth: Stranglethorn Vale

Class: Warrior

Affilation: Darkspear Tribe, Thrall's Horde

Title: Darkspear Berserker

Guild: Imminent Rueage

Appearance: Khundei’s hair is a dark- almost black- shade of blue. His tusks are grey and sharp, protruding more upwards than outwards. His expression is normally one of general frustration; his eyebrows are slanted slightly and he is constantly clenching and gritting his teeth. His height is average for a male jungle Troll, and his figure is that of a very active and well built one. His face is surprisingly (for a Berserker) devoid of markings, but on his chest is a massive tribal tatoo of a pouncing tiger.


Khundei Darkspear was born in Stranglethorn Vale, in a tribe at war with everyone. His people needed warriors, and at birth he was designated to be trained as a Darkspear Berserker. His mother, Kachuna, encouraged him to fight his very best and defend his people. During the Murloc attacks, Khundei stood out amongst his comrades, slaughtering the amphibious monsters with deftness.

Unfortunately, the Murlocs noticed this, and took action against the skilled warrior. One night Kachuna was taken from her hut to a Murloc encampment and caged. Khundei came home to an empty home and darted off to find her, following the trail. When he arrived at the encampment, he saw his mother trapped. Before she could warn him, he was bludgeoned and knocked unconscious.

He awoke on his knees, hands tied with very strong rope behind his back and his feet also bound together at the ankles. He looked up and gasped with fear... several Murlocs now stood around his mother's cage, bounding about with spears and making horrible gurgling noises. The creatures jabbed and tortured his mother before his very eyes, forcing him to watch and listen. Khundei had been trained his entire life- as a Berserker- to generate as much rage as possible and to release it all without caring about his own well being, forcing his body to go beyond what his mind limited it to in terms of endurance. While being forced to watch, Khundei felt his rage building up to heights he never knew could be. He strained and pushed his body, trying to tear through the ropes which would normally be impossible to tear. To his absolute horror, one of the creatures slit Kachuna's throat. In that moment Khundei lost his vision and ripped through the unbreakable ropes, taking after the Murlocs, tearing them apart piece by piece regardless of their attempts to bring him to a halt. Khundei shredded the entire encampment in his rage, and once he came out of it he fell to the ground, sobbing violently.

Soon after, Thrall's Horde relieved his tribe, and Khundei was on one of the first boats to sail to Kalimdor.


Khundei is stubborn and easily frustrated. He despises the Alliance with a passion, and is ready for combat with any who challenge him at all times.

Due to the trauma of his past, the word "Murloc" forces Khundei to go into an instant rage, causing random damage with an amazing amount of strength until his rage has subsided.

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