Full Name: Khydann Thistledown

In-Game: Khydann

Nickname: "Pebblebull"

Race: Tauren

Class: Hunter

Professions: Skinning/Herbalism

Age: 20-ish

Sex: Female

Fur: mostly red, some brown

Eyes: Brown

Weight: 250

Height: 6' 3"

Garments/Armor: Almost always in armor, and wearing her tabard of her tribe, Bad Moon Rising.


* Tawaporah, "mutated velociraptor" (devilsaur), orange-yellow - nickname "Kitty"

  • Norawashte, leopard spirit beast
  • Takk, black velociraptor
  • Kyashi, Mulgore plains wolf

Alignment: Chaotic Well-Intentioned

Personality: Khydann is basically friendly. She has so little fear of anything that she could fairly be called "reckless". She enjoys exploring, and often ventures into territory that is extremely dangerous to her. She is fiercely devoted to her pets, and has gone to great lengths to keep them alive and happy. Although she will gladly hunt and kill when she feels it's needed, or when she accepts a quest to do so, she rarely goes out of her way to pick a fight, and will actively avoid conflict with Alliance members. She is deeply spiritual, although she doesn't talk about it much, and can be disconcertingly pragmatic about such matters.

Since the war in Northrend has been declared more or less officially over, Khydann has happily "retired" to Thunder Bluff. She is currently content to spend her time patrolling Mulgore and the Barrens, making occasional forays into Desolace to "pacify" the Kolkar tribes, and spending quiet time at home with her mate, Roshanar.

History: "Thistledown" isn't a family by blood relations; it's a family of orphans, mostly Tauren, who were shuffled between many tribes and families as children, growing up with no deep roots in any particular place. Their "tribe" is a far-flung, loose network of individuals, friends from childhood. Khydann has an older "sister," Yhanta Thistledown, a Tauren Druid, who helped sponsor the young hunter in her early days. Yhanta currently lives on Thunder Bluff, having left the adventuring life, but the two keep in touch regularly. Other Thistledown siblings include Proudwolf, a tauren shaman, and Bluethistle, a tauren druid. Zekett has been adopted into the Thistledown tribe, but is of a newer generation, and did not grow up with the other tauren.

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