General InformationEdit

Full Name: Kiah Silvergaze
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Class: Rogue
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 120 lb or so.
Eyes: Mahogany
Hair: Auburn

Physical DescriptionEdit

Screenshot 114

Kiah's current appearance when armored up.

Mahogany eyes and hair to match, Kiah is petite in size and quiet as can be. She is often times seen dressed in something soft like silk and colored black or red. She is never without a dagger, whether she sports her weapons out in the open or hidden upon her person. Dozens of pockets litter her attire and several small pouches hang from her belt, carefully tied to stay silent when she moves, regardless of their contents. Occasionally, one might notice the finger length scar at the side of her right eye, but generally wisps of her burnt colored hair fall in front of it, hiding it from view. She appears to be in her early twenties.

One would say that she walks with a consistant sense of caution, but remains calm in each step. She studies things as she goes, keeping a watchful eye on those she doesn't know and even those she does. Her accent is that of a cultural mixture and will often change depending on what words she is speaking.

She is not a girl of vanity, but hanging from her neck is always a small orb and ring, dangling from a chain. Also, twelve different rings and studs run up the sides of each ear, each piece of jewelry having a specific meaning to her.

On the rare occasion that she allows her arms to be uncovered, one might notice the brand upon the inside of her right wrist, given to her by Jorach Ravenholdt during her time with him.


Kiah is generally very reserved, spending the majority of her time studying people, their actions, and her surroundings. For the most part, she is very quiet and easy to be around; a shadow in a large crowd that is rarely noticed by any. Although she is friendly to those who do take notice of her, she can be unpredictable, hostile, and almost impossible to read at times. While she is never outwardly rude to anyone, sarcasm frequently drips from her speech when she's irritated. In a public setting with people she does know, Kiah keeps quiet. She is an observer, only speaking when she feels it's absolutely necessary and this necessity normally comes in the form of critism of the one she speaks against.

There are times, however, when Kiah is an absolutely different person all together. When in the company of someone she is truely comfortable around she can be playfully sarcastic and almost loveable. This side of her is reserved for only certain people.

The more eccentric side of Kiah could be seen as a bit unusual. A neat freak by nature, she is almost obsessive with organization, neatness, and routine; she is also quickly sickened by the sight of blood. She is exceptionally respectful to all those above her in rank and class, regardless of their actions, but she has a tendancy to be defiant when she feels those in charge are losing their edge. Kiah is honest, humble, at times ridiculously obedient, and a masochist by her own right. Her submissive behavior, however, dwindles considerably as she becomes more comfortable with a particular person. Although she does not conciously cause issues to arise, she does seems to become more defiant once she reaches a certain comfort level with someone, ultimately attempting to get them back in control. While she seems to yearn for others to control situations that arise, there is a certain level of balance that can be obtained in her relationships if things are handled correctly.

Kiah tends to harbor a deep dislike towards almost all Paladins. Her exception to this rests in Enrik Hannigan, whom she felt a particular closeness to since the first time she met him.


Birth and ChildhoodEdit

The BeginningEdit

Screenshot 110

Elisabeth Silvergaze

Screenshot 111

Simon Silvergaze

Kiah was the first of three children born to Simon and Elisabeth Silvergaze. Simon was a soldier of Lordaeron and Elisabeth a novice priestess from the Capital city. Elisabeth was quickly dismissed from her Order when the higher authorities found out she was pregnant, so she and Simon took what they had and went to the town of Caer Darrow. They were joined by Simon's good friend and comrad Alexander Briarstone, his wife Samantha, and their two boys Luthen and Uther (Uther being named after Uther the Lightbringer, as his Father was a paladin).

Simon and Alexander both joined Caer Darrow's guard and were quickly rising within the ranks. Not long after their move, the Second War began and Caer Darrow became a target for the Horde army. The families of Caer Darrow spent little time with their soldiers as they hid in the darkest corners of the fortress and their homes, in fear of their lives. The attack was survived, and a year after the war a son was born to Simon and he was named Kabel.

Kabel's birth was shrouded in darkness though, as Simon's faithful attitude lessened considerably following the Second War. He would spend long hours working, intentionally taking another soldier's shift directly after his own. It was storming the night he came home and changed his family's life. As his wife went to greet him, she was met with an axe in her chest cavity, three times. Without even missing a beat, he went after Kiah who had run into her Mother's bedroom and beneath the bed. He attempted to pull her out from beneath the bed using the axe, but instead left her with a deep cut down the length of her thigh. After being unable to retrieve his hystarical, bleeding daughter from beneath the piece of furniture, he took his own life.

Unknown to Simon and fortunately for Kiah, Elisabeth's dying breath had been a prayer, directed at her daughter. While the enchant had not protected Kiah from harm, it did cause the wound to heal at a miraculous speed. When Kiah was found laying upon her dead mother several days later, the gash that Simon had given her was nothing more than a gruesome scar.

Caer Darrow, Southshore, Stormwind, and back againEdit

Kiah was found several days later Alexander Briarstone. Alexander and his wife took the children in as their own, but later adopted Kabel to another family. While Alexander continued to train his sons and the men of the guard, Samantha was forced to try and pick up the pieces of Kiah's shattered mind. Nightmares were constant, while sleeping and while awake. During the daytime, Kiah barely ate or drank, and the few times she did speak she would ask for her Mother or her baby brother. The years following her unofficial adoption was horrible for Kiah as she suffered an extreme amount of verbal abuse from Samantha.

It wasn't long after the Second War that things began to change within Caer Darrow as the Barov Family turned their Home into a school built around necromancy. This was a terrifying experience for the people of Caer Darrow; a constant fear of being the next victims of the Barov Family. It was during this time, however, that Kiah began to blossom into a quiet, respectful little lady. The Briarstone's eldest son, Luthen, became quite taken with Kiah at this time, when he wasn't working. Eventually a very emotionally intimate relationship began between the two. The relationship infuriated Samantha and thus was the starting point of the physical abuse that was brought upon Kiah. Six years after the Second War there was news that the King had been murdered by his own son and that the army of undead were on the move, pillaging and killing all within its path. Alexander took his family in the night, avoiding the ultimate fall of Caer Darrow and the slaughter of it's civilians. The Briarstones and Kiah lived in Southshore until the war was over and Alexander found out that Stormwind was on the repair. So the family took another long trip, settling in the remains of Stormwind for good. Shortly after the move, Kiah was put into the care of the Orphanage so that Alexander and his entire family could help with the rebuilding process. It was during this time that Kiah first rebelled. She was constantly being disciplined by either the Matron, Alexander, or both of them. Once the city was complete, Alexander reluctantly took Kiah back into his home. While the Briarstone's still never officially adopted Kiah, she would spend the remainder of her childhood in the care of Alexander's bitter and neglegent wife.

Life with Samantha was like walking back into a nightmare ... only far worse than when she was a younger; Kiah subjected to abuse, neglect, and humiliation on a daily basis. Kiah learned to keep her mouth shut and do as she was told immediately, or suffer the painful consequences of it. She spent a good deal of time alone with the woman, as Alexander and his two sons had joined Stormwind's military and were constantly working. It was a rare and short time when one of the three men were home, but it was a time that Kiah felt at peace.

During a normal training week in the Highlands of Arathi, Alexander's platoon was attacked by hostile ogres. His son, Luthen, was one of the many to be pronounced dead when they were unable to locate him after the retreat. When they returned the following day to retrieve the dead bodies, Luthen's was no where to be found. The news broke Kiah, but she was unable to properly grieve due to Samantha. The woman became incredibly ill and forced Kiah to care for her while she herself suffered her own emotional turmoil. Samantha's time of illness was short, but it taught Kiah a kind of fearful obedience of those that she feared most.

A few months after Luthen's death, Alexander decided to send Uther home to be with his Mother for a time. That time, while short, was tranquil. Samantha left Kiah alone, and a close friendship developed between Uther and Kiah. As soon as her son went to fight once more for the Alliance, Samantha's abusive ways started again only with an increased force and hatred. Kiah could do nothing to keep the woman happy and would often steal herself away when things were at their worst. Many times upon returning from one of her disappearing acts, Samantha would threaten Kiah's life. At one point, Samantha knocked Kiah in the head with a skillet, leaving a thin scar down the side of her face. Kiah retaliated violently and left, swearing that if she was to ever return, Samantha would be killed.

Kiah ran to SI:7, the place she had occasionally gone to hide. She enjoyed listening to the stories and she found the secrecy to be intriguing. It was there that she learned of Jorach Ravenholdt and the Assassin's League. Soon, she was following the directions back to the Hillsbrad/Alterac region in search of a new life.

Beyond ChildhoodEdit


The Journey to find Ravenholdt was not an easy one for Kiah, as she had never done any traveling of her own. By the time she had reached Southshore she was tired, weak, and hungry. Recovery was quick and exploration of the region began. She was surprised to find the hidden trail with so much ease, especially after being told how difficult it was to locate the manor. Ravenholdt regarded her with suspicion at first but a simple task to steal a bit of coin from a woman in Southshore quickly eased his mind. He admitted to Kiah that he liked her, and her skill at such a young age was astonishing to him. He agreed to allow her to train under his best men and women, as long as she stayed obedient and continued to improve. Jorach learned to play off of Kiah's seemingly innate sense of respect and obedience; as she got more efficient at her job he started to send her off on things others would refuse, simply because he knew that Kiah would never dare to tell him no. He took advantage of her personality in every way she could, ultimately forming her into the adult she became.

After what seemed like forever, Ravenholdt allowed Kiah to officially enter the Assassin's League. He put a brand upon the inside of her wrist, his isignia, to remind her and anyone around her that she was loyal to Jorach Ravenholdt. Soon after that, Kiah received a letter from Uther Briarstone, begging for her to return home to see his dying Father. She humbly asked for permission to leave and was granted that leave under the condition that she would quickly come back if she was ever called. It was during her trip back that she created the small dagger sheath for her wrist, covering up Ravenholdt's marking.

Screenshot 101

Kiah during her time with the League of Assassins.

The Disciples of PowerEdit

Alexander Briarstone died shortly after Kiah's arrival in Stormwind. Soon after his death, Uther requested that Kiah join him in a group he was involved in called Inverse Logic. It was there that Kiah met and befriended a warlock named Kanoth. Their friendship sparked almost instantly and Kanoth quickly became something of a guardian for Kiah, someone who she would go to anytime something threatened her in ways she could not deal with alone. Not long after Kiah joined Inverse, Uther decided he was going to restore an old Keep his Father had owned in Elwynn. Uther wanted to start an Order with Kiah as his co-commander, in honor of his Father. Hesitantly, Kiah agreed and the Disciples of Power were born. Unfortunately, Uther's time within the Keep became almost non-existant and the Disciples grew in number quickly. Kiah, having become the only leader most of the guild knew, began to open up. She felt more equal to the people within The Disciples than she had ever felt with anyone in her entire life.

The scourge were traveling once more throughout Azeroth and constant attacks on Stormwind made the Keep the only safe place for most of The Disciples to go. During this time, Kiah learned that Luthen had never died but had been severely injured in battle and was taken in by a group of Crusaders. They had nursed him to health, taught him their ways and then sent him out to lay waste to the newly invading undead plague. Luthen immediately joined Kiah and Uther and took his place as Commander of The Disciples military. Luthen's return was emotionally draining for Kiah, but their relationship picked up right where they had left off. Over time, Kiah began to see that Luthen took after his Mother; he was brash, unthoughtful, cold hearted, and controlling. The Crusaders whom he had trained with had turned him in to a self-rightouse zealot as well; the mixture of personality and training made up a person that Kiah did not want to know. As soon as Uther went back out to fight the scourge and the horde simultaniously, Luthen took over the Disciples ... turning it into a cult like organization bent on annhiliation of the scourge and all who opposed his ideas. Kiah reverted back to her shy, inward self as Luthen's attitude towards her escaladed to a cold control. When he noticed the brand upon the inside of Kiah's wrist, he demanded she never return to Ravenholdt and she agreed, shamefully, and began to ignore her previous employer's letters.

Several of her guild-mates began to be concerned about Kiah as she became a shadow where she was once so comfortable. A warlock friend, Tarvos, once told her, "You are quiet, you never make a single sound ... but here inside everyone's mind you are the loudest one we know." At that point, Kiah began to question Luthen's brash authority and was instantly shot down with hateful and hurtful words. The warlock who provoked this courage in her was instantly cast out of the guild and he promptly went to Uther to tell him that Luthen was going to overthrow him completely as guild leader or destroy the Disciples all together. Uther responded quickly, and a bloody battle ensued between the brothers that was only broken by Kiah coming between the two. Luthen, infuriated and nearly dead, demanded that Kiah choose either him or the "Scourge loving disciples."

Kiah chose neither, left the brothers and disappeared from their lives as fast as possible. She took refuge with her friend Kanoth, who instantly welcomed her back to his group. Healing was slow, and since Kiah had a tendancy of becoming incredibly anti-social when she was emotionally distraught, disappeared from the lives of most everyone she knew. Aterall, it was as if Luthen had died again ... only this time, he would not be returning.

Order of LordaeronEdit

Screenshot 112

After the fall of The Disciples, Kiah went into a reclusive state … only occasionally taking the company of Kanoth as she did the duties assigned to her by different members of the Alliance. She became a loner and avoided organized groups as much as possible … at least until the Order of Lordaeron presented itself. Initially, she was skeptical … but the idea of fighting for a cause other than the daily grind of the Outlands and other parts of Azeroth was somewhat refreshing, and she signed on. She was soon requested to take the place as one of the officers in the guild, cementing her position there.

Not long after her promotion to Viseer, Kiah received a letter from Samantha Briarstone, requesting her audience. Kiah was hesitant, but the letter stated that information regarding her family would be presented, and this was the hook. Kiah went to Samantha and found out for the first time that she had a brother, but then was told that he was more than likely dead. Kiah left Samantha to die, a paralyzing poison flowing through her blood quickly. After being unable to find records of her brother’s supposed death, Kiah began to search for information regarding her parents. Over the course of the next month, Kiah spent a good deal of her time pouring over every book and record she could find. A short meeting with Uther Briarstone won Kiah the information she needed to begin a more successful search; she was from Caer Darrow, not from Stormwind.

In a desperate search to find even just the name of her Father, Kiah snuck into the undead capital and stole a book of reference to a time long before the destruction of the Capital City. Within that book was her Father's name, written in faded black ink... proving that he had once lived in the great city. After exhausting all of her research, Kiah decided to persue a different approach and agreed to do a scrying with a warlock named Menuca. The scrying retrieved those memories that she had locked away, allowing her mind a bit of rest. However, she continued to search for any information she could find about her brother.

It was during this search that Kiah became a little emotionally attached to the Order's Military Commander, Kerix, and their relationship gradually blossomed into something other than Commander and Officer.

It was unfortuante for Kiah that as she was becoming incredibly attached to Kerix, she was also falling very hard for the man she saw as her best friend, Enrik Hannigan. Her attraction to him was hidden, save for an occasional bit of playfulness on both of their parts. She knew better than to persue him, as he was completely happy and she respected both him and his soon-to-be wife far too much. Kiah went on with her life, caring for Kerix but continually thinking of someone else all along the way.


There was an uprising in what had become the New Order of Lordaeron. King Erenan lost his crown and a new king, Brucillan Garian, was crowned at a lavish ceremony in the Stormwind Cathedral. Brucillan's reign did not last, for when Kerix broke the army away from him to start fresh as the leader of the Praetorian, Brucillan's kingdom crumbled. Although Kiah did not particularly agree with the Praetorian's "statement of faith" she still followed Kerix to his new calling, intent on keeping by his side.

Kiah and Kerix married not long after the start of the Preatorian. It was a private ceremony with only a single witness and priestess. Not more than two weeks after their vows, Kiah found out she was pregnant. Denial, depression, and self-loathing hit Kiah hard. It was not until she was physically unable continue with business that she finally slowed down and stopped her work. It was at this time that she confided in Enrik, laying her woes upon him and only furthering her intense affection for him.

During the middle of her pregnancy, Enrik took an unannounced leave to train with the Stormwind Guard. Not knowing what had happened to him, Kiah sunk into a state of quiet seclusion. His return was both painful and joyful; as they say 'absence makes the heart grow fonder' ... she simply could no longer tell herself she only felt friendship for him, and it was an agonizing feeling for her. Not long after his return, a date was set for he and Crix's wedding. While Kiah felt a stab of guilt for missing it, she simply could not make herself watch him take one step further away from her. Marriage to Crix lessened Enrik's time with her, and eventually Kiah found herself mostly alone.

Into her third trimester, she decided she felt more comfortable in the care of druids instead of that of the priests of Stormwind. So, her old friend and commrad Cierre agreed to take Kiah under her wing and care for her until the baby was born. Kiah saw Kerix very little during this time, but he was with her when their daughter Hailey was born six weeks early.

Past Betrayal - Fresh FutureEdit


Kiah instantly went back to work when she felt well enough. If Hailey was not with Kiah, she was generally with Kerix or one of the dwarves at their Ranch in Dun Morogh. Kiah -felt- unhappy, but not in a sense of misery. Although Kerix and Kiah were happy when they were together, that time was very scarce. Kerix would frequently be gone for a week at a time, working as he needed to to continue his army on their path of glory.

An assassination attempt gone wrong sent Kiah spiraling into a darkness she hadn't known; an affair with her would be target. The guilt was agonizing, but even more so she longed for Enrik, his advice, and his comfort. Unfortunately, Kerix would first be tried for the rape of a Draenei girl and the murder of her husband. Kiah felt detached from Kerix during the trial and it showed in her less than loving attitude.

Enrik surprised her with his presence not long after Kerix's release. She was elated to see him, but at the same time somewhat reluctant. Her guilt ran deeper than her betrayal to Kerix; she simply did not want to disappoint Enrik. His disappointment was obvious, but his advice was the same as it had been for ten months. She had to leave Kerix. Eventually, Enrik ended up spilling the news to Kerix about Kiah's desire to leave him and her affair. Kerix went through several stages of distress and eventually Enrik told him that Kiah was not leaving him due to her affair, but was leaving him because she was actually in love with Enrik. Kerix took that news even worse and fled from their home, charging into battle and his ultimate death.

Kiah mood was saturated in guilt, and it was at that point she promised herself she would not be with anyone that was not Enrik, even if it meant being alone forever. Kiah's guilt met Enrik's, as he had taken the blame for Kerix's death. Their equal guilt grew into affection, an affection that ended their remorseful feelings.

Given the circumstances, Kiah was in a state of euphoria ... regardless of the knowledge that she was alone with an infant. Sadness shrouded her for Enrik when the news reached her that Crix had left him, but she took the chance to comfort him best as possible, as well as finally tell him how she'd felt for him all along.

(( Reserved for more recent events that I don't feel like writing about right now.

The Little ExtrasEdit

Some Things to KnowEdit

- Kiah rather reserved when it comes to her past, but if pressed for information will give what's needed to answer any questions. She will do so by beating around the bush, only giving information that is necessary. When in groups larger than herself and one other, she will rarely speak and normally when she does, it will be some sarcastic remark to the person she is not the closest to in terms of friendship.

- Kiah does not deny that "The Light" is real, since she sees it everyday in the Paladins she's around. Although, given the many circumstances she's dealt with revolving around Paladins, she cannot help but feel that these "holy" people (and same goes for priests) do anything more than harness the power given to them by the light and use it for their own good. She does not believe there is a Paladin or Priest out there who is not as selfish as everyone else. She believes that good comes from the person, just as the bad does. She doesn't believe that the "light" or "faith" are real... but more of a front to use powers others don't have.

- Kiah still continues to become anti-social and reserved when things are bothering her. In more worst case scenarios, she is known to self inflict injury, but this is only at her worst; normally she simply will go AWOL for a bit. This is her way to heal her mind and collect her thoughts. Generally, she will not come out of “hiding” until she feels better about the situation. While physically she does not show emotion often, this act of disappearing is generally a good indication to her friends that something is wrong.


(( Every once in a while, I decide to write a story about Kiah's life. For the most part, the stories are written to make the personal events in Kiah's life more real and permenant than just saying "I think this happened to her." Obviously, the stories are here for everyone's enjoyment, so ... enjoy. I will gradually add things as her life unfolds. Any stories I add will also be in order of her life, not in order that I write them. So.. if anyone reads them, enjoy! (: ))

Good Bye
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