General Information Edit

Full name: Kiaren Bloodedge (Key-are-en)

Nicknames: Kia (Pronounced key-uh)

Class: Warrior

Age: 24

Birthplace: Unknown, but she was raised in Shatterspear Village, just outside Darkshore.

Current Home: Stormwind area

Languages "officially" known: Common, Troll, and very little Gutterspeak

Appearance Edit

Kiaren could be easily considered a great beauty, if it wasn't for the chopped nature of her teal hair, or the brambles that seem to live within the tresses. Her eyes are a shining silver tone, and her smile more of a smirk than a peaceful expression.

She is short, for an elf, standing at only six foot, one inch, and is muscled from years of dancing.

Personality Edit

She stands firmly by the fact that she is neither elf nor troll, lingering somewhere between the two. She has a thick trollish accent, and an even more troll-like attitude. She is profoundly loyal to those she cares for, and often gets rather irate when that loyalty is challenged.



((To come, I PROMISE!))


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