Description Edit


Name:Kinevart Tyren Dawnwalker
Race: Blood Elf
Age: 629
Birthplace: Unknown
Class: Warlock
Professions: Tailor and Enchanter
Guild: Harbingers of War
Appearence: This blood elf stands slightly shorter then most. She doesn't really hold a slim shape like most of her race, but, that's because she's been a mother. Of twins. Her eyes glow a dimmer green then one might think of a warlock. She holds herself up straight, though carries a more orcish stance then elven. She usually carries tailoring and enchanting supplies, as well as a silver flask. The flask holds a carving of a sunset between two hills, looking on the sea. The carving almost looks life like, esspecially when the light hits it just right.

Around her neck is a pair of rings, one with a red gem and one with a diamond. From the earring on her right ear hands a small black mug.

Personality Edit

Kinevart is known as 'Sarcastic'. She'll make random comments just to get people to laugh, while throwing one in herself. She's a steadfast ally, who tends to yell at her demons for being cowards. She's careful in battle and carefree around friends. The two mixed together gives someone who is trust worth, whether working with shadows or not.

History Edit

Kinevart grew up on the seas. She was a deckhand and tailor on a ship. Her skin had become permanently tanned from almost never leaving the decks of her ship.

Until, however, a storm came in, destorying the ship and leaving her near Quel'Thelas. She was found by Arej, who quickly became one of her good friends. She joined the studies of the mages, taking most interest into the auras of Frost.

Over time, she grew found of Quel'Thelas, and Arej. The two had, by elven standards, fallen in love. As they had planned to get married, the day came that changed their lives, and her's personally.

The attack on the Sunwell by the deathknight, Arthas, sent the city into shambles. On a failed attempt of a banshee trying to possess her, Kinevart passed out towards the lost battle.

She awoke sometime later to find most of the city destroyed. She remained with Arej to help rebuild the city. However, she slowly realized her powers as a mage had vanished, and somehow only shadows would listen to her.

She thus learned the ways of warlocks, and used the demons following her to fight an un-ending battle against the demons and the Scourge.

In the present, she follows Arej as they work to become stronger in their new abilities and serve the Warchief and Horde under the banner of the Wolves of the Warchief.

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