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A society of aristocrats, nobles, merchants, imperialistic and nationalistic officers and marshals that roam the streets, keeping the citizens in line with their canes, blades and spells. However, it is a rare occurrence that discipline must be given. Their red standards float majestically over every corner. Their guards stand tall and are the envy of all society when they march in the Grand Revelation monthly. With gold and jewel encrusted rings on their thin, bony fingers, the magistrates of Silvermoon contemplate life, peace, war and death. They debate over the reconstruction of their fine city and calculate their next political moves. The manual labor is almost effortless seeing as magic is so widespread. None live in poverty, only a lesser state of wealth.

And, of course, there is the scenery. Gold, crimson, green and peach. The spires of Silvermoon loom over Eversong Forest. The weather is always not too cold, but not too hot. They are blessed with an enchanted eternal spring. As these magistrates and nobles lounge around and discuss the issues of the day, they are brought tea and fresh fruit, wines from their vineyards and warm bread. They sit on large pillows in a circle and daydream in between reading the numerous books from the library. Passers by look in to their open doors, nodding at them and continue on with their conversation. The center of town is bustling with activity. The standards of the Blood Elves hang on the door posts and a large, gold encrusted phoenix, the color of blood, towers over the square and citizens look up, a happy feeling filling their hearts.

“This city is ours…” they think to themselves, “Look at it… look at us… look at me… We made this.”


Cruendithas Pegason
Tetrim Pegason
Phaedrus Pegason
Sedyne Pegason
Adolavin Pegason


Quel'Thalas is a lush forest region north of the country of Lordaeron and once served as the traditional home of the high elves. After being invaded and scourged by the Death Knight Prince Arthas, many of the elves fled or were killed, their magical Sunwell tainted and rendered powerless. Although the land still remains scarred from Arthas' invasion, the blood elves have returned and begun rebuilding the capital city of Silvermoon.

Events and StorylinesEdit

What We're About (OoC)Edit

The Kingdom of Quel'Thalas seeks to find a new niche as far as guilds go in the World of Warcraft. Whereas other guilds can be easily labeled as PVP, RP, or PVE, this guild is more of a helper, community-service guild. We seek to educate and uplift new members of the game, or server, and guide them through the finer points of RP. We offer PVE and PVP help as well, but our main goal is to keep people up to date on community RP events, hosting many ourselves, and assuring that Silvermoon is a living city of roleplay.

ICly, the guild does not exist. Players greet each other not as fellow members of a guild, but fellow members of society. They are not guildies, they are neighbors and friends. Even though we do not exist ICly, each member is given a tabard as proof of citizenship and said membership is not limited to Bloodelves alone; we accept anyone who wishes to spend time in Silvermoon RPing and living their life as a normal person would. We do have a few basic rules that everyone has agreed make sense for a city. They are as follows:

1) Right to life. No Citizen of the Kingdom of Quel’Thalas may take away a Citizens life without the approval of the Convocation unanimously and ¾ of the Magistrates.

2) Right to property. No item of property may be seized by any Citizen of the Kingdom of Quel’Thalas without approval of 2/3 of the Convocation.

3) Right to bear arms. No Citizen of the Kingdom of Quel’Thalas may be taken of their arms by another Citizen without sanction of a Magistrate. A Citizen who has had their weapon seized may appeal to the Magistrates, and, if undecided, to the Convocation.

4) Right to speak freely. No Citizen of the Kingdom of Quel’Thalas may be silenced by another Citizen or governmental body in any circumstance, save only a matter of Racial Security, which is to be deemed by the Convocation unanimously.

5) Right to protection. Every Citizen has the right to call upon their brethren and comrades for aid when in immediate danger. No Guardsman, Vanguard or Officer in the vicinity may refuse to aid said Citizen unless given approval by a Magistrate. (PvE difficulties do not apply)

The idea for an RP-friendly, community guild is not an original idea. In fact, this very same guild is being run on several other RP servers as well as Thorium Brotherhood. Our sister guilds act as we do, keeping Silvermoon all about RP and promoting Sindorei society while doing so. Because we are a guild that prides itself in helping people become comfortable with themselves and what they enjoy about the game, member turn-over is expected. We do not hold any harsh feelings for those who leave the guild, in fact we wish well members who choose to do this, as it means they've found something that they believe will really work for them. And that's all we could ever ask for in the RP community.


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