Kraith BrokenhornEdit

Race: Tauren
Birthplace: Mulgore
Class: Warrior
Affiliations: Loner

The Character DiamondEdit

(( The following is in the vein of the Character Diamond idea, which seems to me a very interesting way of going about character description. I will follow the Wedding Mnemonic, just because it's cool. ))

Old (racially-typical trait) - strong. Kraith can hit hard, when he wants to. When he is hit, it hurts, but not bad and not long.

New (racially-unusual trait) - untribed. Kraith has lived in Mulgore. He has no family there. He has no friends there.

Borrowed (class-typical trait) - selfless. Kraith does not like his friends to be hit. He chooses to be hit, instead.

Blue (interesting color) - quiet. Kraith speaks slowly. He says little.


Kraith is big. He carries a big hammer. He wears metal. His name is Brokenhorn.


Kraith sees much and says little. He hits things. He follows rules.

Kraith thinks long and slow. He thinks all the time.


Kraith was born a long time ago. He was little. His horn broke. He got bigger. Now he is big. What else is important about Kraith?

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