Kristenanne Edit

Gender: Female
Faction: Horde
Race: Forsaken
Age (at death): 32
Origin: Trisfal Glades
Class: Warlock
Profession: Herbalist/Alchemy
Hobbies: None
Guild: Member of Scourge of Darkness
Highest PvP rank attained: Grunt
Favored Battleground: Warsong Gulch Given that is all that has been available
Usually found in: Constant pain training for revenge


Hate! Fury! Anger! Hate! Emotions pulsing through my mind and body as I think of the life I had that was taken away from me. The Lich King. I will see him suffer, I will see him destroyed. After him I will find the demon that has taken everything from me and I will dismantle his very essence. I will have my revenge, no matter what the cost, all I have to remember is a picture of a woman, a man, and two beautiful boys.

REVENGE. That is the driver and motivator for Kristenanne. While she can be congenial and helpful, she can never forget and never forgive the Lich King and the Scourge. She longs for the day when she will see the unlife fade from the Lich King's eyes as he starts his journet to HELL.

Pre-Awakening Edit

Kristenanne, mother of two boys and wife of a wonderful Paladin. Kristenanne was often left to take care of the house and family as her husband was called off to fight for their safety and the safety of the land. It was always hard, but he always made it through and she had faith that he would continue to do so.

As with so many others war came to her door with the coming of the Scourge. Her husband moved forward with the armies of Uther Lightbringer and continued to defend their land and his family. She had heard many stories of the undead and how fallen warriors would rise and start fighting their former comrades. She knew the day had come when she saw the priest from Brill slowly walking up to her door. Fighting back the tears unsuccessfully, she opened the door and heard how her beloved husband would never be coming back to hold her, to hug her children and tuck them in a night. Her life, like so many others had changed due to the mad scrambling for power of a madmand turned undead.

After several weeks of mourning, Kristenanne decided to see how a friend of hers was doing in the farm just west of Brill. She also had lost her husband and Kristenanne thought getting away from the stares and looks of concern from the town residents would be good for her. Leaving the boys with a friend she headed out.

As the farm started coming around the bend a rustle of bushes caused her to look right and she saw the most horrible undead apparation spring from behind the trees. Even as she turned to run from the stumbing horror that had been her friend, she felt a searing pain down her back from right shoulder her left ribs. Kristenanne coninuted to run until she crossed the small wooden bridge. Fighting the pain she walked back to Brill and saw the priest, hoping he could help her injury and explain what had happened.

The look of helplessness Kristenanne saw on his face, scared her to no end. When he explained that the town elders had been following what was happening and it looked like some plague that turned people into the crazed Scourge had reached Trisfall Glades. She only had a few weeks to live and the elders would ensure she did not suffer.

The safety of the boys was all that she had in mind. Kristenanne made arraingments with the priest to send the boys to family in Westfall. Walking out and into the forest, wondering what she would tell her soon to be orphaned children a spasm rocked her body...then another. The plague acting much faster that anyone expected took Kristenanne down to the ground and her last thought was a picture of a woman, a man and two beautiful boys....

Post-Awakening Edit

Awakening happened like so many others in Deathknell and need not be repeated here. The one exception was that Kristenanne happened across another Forsaken...a former priest of Brill. There to her dismay Kristenanne found that her greatest hope had turned into her greatest nightmare. Her two beautiful boys never made it to Stormwind or Westfall, the Scourge had taken them too.

To fight a demon you must be able to control it, harness it, hurt it. Kristenanne threw herself into her studies, learning all she could of the new manifiestation of the Lich King and the demon who created him. One day she will find him and will be powerful enough to seperate every portion of his essense into pieces small enough to be lost in the Nether forever. It will happen.

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