Description Edit

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Name: Kyii Frostheal
Race: Troll
Birthplace:Dun Morogh
Professions:Skinning and Engineering. Specializes in Gnomish.
Guild:Wolves of the Warchief
Apperance:Her youth shows through. She has a cheery expression and usually is covered in grease when not out healing allies on the battlefields. Many scars adore her body. A cut is in her left eyebrow while the tip of her right ear is completely gone. Many tiny scars criss-cross over the back of her hands. In towns, she usually has goggles either over her eyes or on her forehead. Her eyes are golden in color and a white crystal shines from a copper casing hanging from her right ear.

Personality Edit

Kyii tends to be naive, but holds up cheer. She always is a stead fast friend to the end of a fight, then tends to lean towards a bit carefree and experimental. She loves tinkering with her gadgets that the gnomes helped her create. She tends to take negative comments offensively, but soon lets it all pass.

Backround Edit

Born in Dun Morogh near Ironforge, Kyii was raised to simply fight. However, the dwarves invaded her home and slew everyone except her and about four other children. One was taken to Ironforge with her, where they used her as a slave. Her life was anything but completely enjoyable. One day a warrior got drunk and started slashing her, earning the scar on her eyebrow and marks on her hands as she tried to ward off the attacks.
Her only form of entertainment was watching gnomes tinker with gadgets that she now creates.
She attempted two escapes. The first, she was easily was caught by hunters, whos' wolves dragged her back to Ironforge, taking a part of her ear away from her. The second attempt landed her in Dustwallow as she truly escaped, found later near death by an adventuring orc.

Later, once part of the Horde, she met up with Zurali, the two becoming close friends. Once skilled enough, she entered the battleground, Warsong Gutch and Arathi Basin. There, she met the beastmaster, Rexxara. Despite her first impressions of the explosive-happy orc, the two became friends. Once outside the battles, they agreed to travel together as their furthered their knowledge of their roles in the Horde.

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