Guild [[Sunset March]]
Title None
Nicknames None
Game Name Lamya
Class Mage
Race Forsaken
Gender Female
Age N/A
Height 5'5"
Weight 108
Hair Color Bluish-Green
Eye Color N/A
Skin Color Pale Purple
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Professions Alchemy and Herbalism

A former Dalaran mage aspiring to join the Kirin Tor, Lamya contracted the scourge while aiding a search and rescue mission during the Third War. Since becoming a member of the Forsaken, she desires to become a Lich.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Lamya has few distinguishing characteristics, but they are there. Both in life and unlife, Lamya has had admirers for her full, dark lips. While in her new (un)life, Lamya wears her torturing mask with pride, showing the world what she finds as her greatest accomplishment: victory over life and death.


The best way to describe Lamya could be summed up in one word: crazy.

While alive, Lamya was known for her careful and well thought out actions. However, she has completely changed when she rose back from the dead, instead throwing caution to the wind. Only when faced with what could appear to be insurmountable odds will Lamya revert back to her cautious nature.

Regardless of the situation, Lamya always has the same answer: "Kill them." Even when there is no "them" to kill.


Being a member of the Forsaken, Lamya possesses two histories.


After reaching puberty, Lamya desired to learn magic in an effort to help the world. The only daughter of a merchant father and homemaker mother, Lamya was able to gain a special education due to her father's minor wealth. She was soon given special attention not due to her skills, but because of calculated social movement within the wizards and mages of Dalaran. While never achieving the chance to claim any of the major wizards as her teacher, she was able to gain a small amount of political power.

The desire to help was never eclipsed by Lamya's desire to join the Kirin Tor. To Lamya, joining the Kirin Tor (and thus gaining more power - magically and politically) would allow her a greater chance to aid those who could do little to aid themselves.

Fortunate for Lamya, she was away when Arthas and Archimonde attacked Dalaran, leaving much of it in ruin. Returning to find her home destroyed, Lamya vowed to destroy the Scourge - or help in any way possible. When confronted by the Scarlet Crusade to join their ranks, Lamya considered the offer but stayed in Dalaran in an effort to help rebuild the ruins and provide a safe-haven for refugees.

Participation and news from the Scarlet Crusade became more and more scarce, giving Lamya a sense of relief in her hesitation in joining. However, a number of minor mages that had left to join the organization stopped communicating altogether. When one young mage returned, telling Lamya and few others horrible tales surrounding the methods of torture found within the Scarlet Cathedral, Lamya joined a small diplomatic grouping to communicate with the Scarlet Crusade.

It was there that Lamya, and her party, met their death. Convinced that the party was infected with the plague, the Scarlet Crusade forbid any communication outside of their walls. Lamya and her party were stipped of all their possessions and chained to various slabs and devices of torture. In Lamya's case, she was tied naked onto a rack with a bind connected to her face, preventing her from witnessing what would happen to her. With small cuts and minor burns, Lamya eventually fell victim to death by dehydration.


Lamya is still a young character in the unlife scene, possessing minimal power and no political or social influence. She still dreams big, but not at helping people - instead, she now focuses on how people can help her.

"Thankfully," for Lamya's sake, she was exposed to the plague while being tortured by the Scarlet Crusade. While she failed to raise up from death immediately, or for some time, her body was recovered and stored in Deathknell. Moments from having her body burned in a mass fire, Lamya awoke to her unlife.

Lamya's purpose in her new life has completely changed since becoming a member of the Forsaken. She is now obsessed with power and wishes to become a Lich herself, finding their power and aura of command to be almost intoxicating to think about. As such, she has devoted her life to furthering alchemetical secrets and mastering the powers of the frost and arcane. She refuses to further study within flame mastery, and will never cast a spell involving fire.

Because of her method of death, Lamya is uncomfortable around fire. She also wishes not to be surrounded by water. While her skin is not flaky, it does not possess the smooth features of those whose skin may be slightly more saturated.

Although she would never admit to it, Lamya has developed a post-mortum love interest in the Lich King, aiming to become the "Lich Queen." She humbly serves Sylvanus, but only in an effort to learn what the Banshee Queen is discovering within her Royal Apothecary Society. While she may appear to be against the Scourge, Lamya searches each body in an effort to gain more information surrounding the Lich King and manners she may contact him. So far, her quest has been futile.

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