Name: Lapu Ravenfeather
Race: Tauren
Age: 22 (by human standards)
Birthplace: Mulgore
Class: Shaman
With a deep black coat and an almost permanent furrow to his brow, Lapu is often mistaken for a member of the Grimtotem tribe. The comparison is not one he appreciates.


Once an up and coming grunt in the service of Cairne, Lapu's unit was ambushed on an expedition through Feralas. The rest of his coterie slaughtered by ogres (as far as he was aware), Lapu found himself rescued by a small, splinter arm of the Stonebinder tribe - one that hadn't left their remote camp in the last seven odd years. Faced with the fact that he was injured and impossibly far from home amongst complete strangers - ones that knew nothing of the Horde - he did the only thing he could. Lapu paraded himself about as a mighty Stone Guard and immediately began seeking the affections of the prettiest girl in the camp.

To say he was successful would be an understatement. When the time came for him to return to Thunder Bluff several weeks later, the girl, one Onatah Stonebinder, vowed she would follow him once her training was complete. She did, much to Lapu's complete shock, and after a brief but intense spat on the top of Elder Rise, Onatah mysteriously stumbled over the side.

Lapu has been avoiding the city ever since, setting up his home in Camp Taurajo and spending the days chasing women, making bad bets and lamenting his lost days as a soldier in the Horde army.


Melancholy, slow to anger and often one to keep to himself, Lapu is by no means shy. He tends to keep his dry, deadpan (and somewhat lewd) sense of humour to himself until absolutely needed, or, as the case may be, attempting to impress the nearest passing thing in a skirt.

Unbeknownst to most of his fellow soldiers, and indeed, to most of his tribe, Lapu has a deep, secretive fondness for singing, and all things musical.


As the low tauren on the totem in Thrall's army, Lapu knows very few people of note. Past injuries have made it difficult for him to fight in any decent capacity, but his dedication to the ideals of the Horde has him working as a lowly peon, and on occasion, as a disposable scout.


Persuaded to turn himself in for the murder of Onatah, Lapu has been exiled from Kalimdor as punishment. Bitter and increasingly hostile, Lapu found himself to be the perfect match for one Jove Blackfall. The two ex-soldiers spend their days scraping together small amounts of gold in exchange for freelance work, and on occasion, commiserating over relationships gone horribly wrong.

Onatah Stonebinder, meanwhile, entertains herself in death by refusing to leave Lapu's side, and nitpicking every last thing he does.

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