Lash IcecallerEdit

Race: Troll (Frostmane)
Age: 26
Birthplace: Dun Morogh
Residence: Shattrath (Lower City)
Class: Shaman
Appearance: Lash is your typical Frostmane troll - blue. Skin, eyes, and hair all speak of his heritage. He keeps his shaggy mane tied back, but his bangs still tend to get into his eyes. His posture is not your generic Trollish slouch. Rather, Lash makes a habit of standing as straight as he can... possibly to make up for the fact that he comes in at just about 6 feet. When not geared for battle, he tends to be quite fashionable, keeping himself as clean-cut (though lately he's been sporting a bit of a scruff in the chin area) and well-dressed as a troll can, and often opting to carry a rose rather than a weapon. Regardless of dress, two necklaces can always be seen on his person: a tusk shaped much like his own, and a crescent moon that glows the same shade as his eyes. It isn't hard to guess where the tusk came from - only one seems to be in his jaw, jutting to the right and giving him an off-balance appearance.


Although raised Frostmane, Lash does not share the tribe's vicious nature. He is actually rather laid back, often choosing to avoid conflict than confront someone. This, unfortunately, tends to leave him defenseless in violent situations. A shy creature, Lash generally does not to speak up unless riled. Natural curiosity overrides that, however, so he often finds himself wandering to all ends of Azeroth (often ending up in places he really should not be). Gentle and a little stubborn, he may not argue much... but when he does, the opponent may find him beyond reason.



Born to the harsh climate of Dun Morogh and equally harsh lifestyle of the Frostmane, Lash does not have many fond memories of his childhood. Far smaller and weaker than the rest of his tribe, he often suffered at their hands. Picked on by his peers and unable to carry his weight in the village, he was frequently abused and had more than his share of fights. It was only a matter of time before the tribe's tolerance ran out.

When Lash was about nine years of age, the Frostmane suffered a particularly bad winter. Food and tempers were short. When an assault on a Dwarven village went awry, a large portion of his home near Shimmer Ridge was destroyed. Blame placed squarely on Lash's shoulders, a brawl ensued, during which his left tusk snapped. Grabbing the broken piece, Lash fled for his life. That was the last time he saw his tribe.


Having severed ties with his wintery home, the pre-teen troll wandered south. The warmer climate agreed with him, but he could not settle. It was a chore avoiding Alliance forces patrolling the central Eastern Kingdoms, and close encounters were not uncommon. Remembering the grudge between dwarves and Frostmane, he often wondered which side was better. He shied away from any other troll tribes he encountered, doing anything he could to deny his heritage. Eventually, Lash found his way south, through the Stranglethorn jungle. Shortly after he discovered the goblin port of Booty Bay, Lash stowed away on a boat to Kalimdor.

It was pure luck that Lash ended up on Durotar, so far from his birthplace. He did not favor the dry heat, but it was too great a strain to keep wandering without purpose. When he stumbled upon a band of orcs, they took him for one of their Darkspear allies. It did not take long for Lash to pick up Orcish - both the language and their way of life. Under their tutelage, he worked hard to earn his place. Through his years living with the orcs, Lash came to study shamanism. It was here that he was given the surname "Icecaller" - both for his icey appearance and affinity for the elements.

Orgrimmar: Military DaysEdit

At the age of 17, still searching for direction, Lash offered his shamanistic skill to the ranks of the Horde army. He threw himself at the task with vigor, hoping to both prove his worth to his Orcish comrades and to repent for his wasted Frostmane youth.

Hard work paid off, the military life quickly turning into a lucrative career for the young troll. He rapidly ascended the ranks and displayed his insignia with pride. Most of his free time was whittled away on studying tactics. Respect for his superior officers did not prevent Lash from striving to match their skill.

Engrossed in his career and Orcish life, Lash developed intense rivalries with any Alliance foe he saw often. He adapted his own skewed code of honor and brought it with him on the battlefield - often waiting for a straggler to bandage his wounds before attacking. The rare encounters where enemies returned a degree of mercy only served to heighten his growing respect for them.

Stormwind & the Wisps and SpiritsEdit

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