Lenwyn Marcile OtherwayEdit

Race: Human
Age: None of your business.
Birthplace: Northshire
Residence: Stormwind City
Affiliations: None whatever.


Lenwyn looks like a strong young human girl, with lightly tanned skin, brown eyes, and dark brown hair generally kept in a bun. Her squirrelly eyes take in almost everything around her, and she moves quietly and without effort.

Under most normal curcumstances — up to a few months ago, at least — she would be seen walking around Stormwind in dark and dirty leather armor, spattered with mud and blood, with dirt under her fingernails and a smile on her face. She was a regular participant in the battle for Warsong Gulch, and helped her friend Jerham form the Stormwind Reserves. Since then, however, something has changed drastically. She wanders the streets in a white woolen dress (a shocking change, for those who knew her.) She seems preoccupied with disturbing thoughts, and almost never smiles anymore.


Lenwyn's actual history and the one she tells people are very different. She was really born to a pair of farmers in Northshire, where she grew up as a tomboy and was very unhappy to be promised in marriage to a man she didn't particularly care for. A week before the wedding was to take place, she appeared in Stormwind City and has never looked back. For quite some time she fought in the battle for Warsong Gulch, but has recently stopped participating.

If asked about her past, however, she will probably say she is an orphan who made her own way from town to town, not describing any details, and leaving off with the fact that she loves the big city of Stormwind.

Recently, she was mugged and badly hurt. Belatedly rescued by Angirus, she has been slowly recovering under his care in a tiny, back-alley apartment of Old Town. She has partial amnesia and only wakes up for hours at a time.

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