Name: Leriqite Hellbane

Nickname: Leri

Title(s): Feral Keeper of the Grove, Wife of Arahadord.

Class: Feral Keeper of the Grove

Race: Night Elf

Birthplace: Stonetalon Peek

Age: Somewhere in the 6000s

Family: Father/Unknown, Mother/Unknown, Brother/Atantes (Deceased), Brother/Leremar, Husband/ Arahadord

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Religion/Spiritual Beliefs: The spirit of Cenarius. To a much lesser extent, Elune.

Affiliation: Sunpath Riders


Leriqite is a quiet woman these days. She is not one to follow another's orders unless she believes that they are from the mouth of Cenarius. Never one to comform, she has rarely been known to stay in one place at one time. If she feels as though she is being caged, she will break free of these bonds.

Apart from her free spirit, Leriqite is generally very kind hearted.


Leriqite's Shan'DoEdit

Leriqite was born some 6000 years ago at the very peek of the Stonetalon Mountains. She was the second of three children who were born into the Dareseeker bloodline. Leremar, the eldest, proved to be a very talented Priest and so qualified to join the Highbourne and learn their ways. Astantes, the youngest, was never very talented at anything except taming beasts. Of the three of them, Leriqite was the only that showed any sign of Druidism.

When she became of age, she began her training under the tutorlage of the great Demigod Cenarius. He taught her of the balance in nature and the responsibilities that of restoring defiled land. But Leroqote was simply not interested in these branches of Druidism and pleaded with her Shan'Do to teach her the ways of Feral Druidism.

Cenarius couldn't teach her this for he himself was unable to change form on will. But, said he, the Feral Spirits lie dorment within every Druid and must be awakened. He instructed her to go out into the wilderness of the Stonetalon Mountains for a month and simply survive.

After this month was over, she returned to Cenarius. She had managed to transform into a Bear and fend for her life. At one point, she reported, she almost managed to transform into a Cat.

Leriqite's tutorlage continued. But she practiced Feralism in her own time.

Leremar, the disowned DareseekerEdit

Meanwhile, Leremar had attained quite some power. It had been nearly four thousand years since the Highbourne were removed as the highest power in Keldorei society but they were still around. Leremar had abandoned the ways of the Priest, even a Shadow Priest. Instead, he adopted the dark magics many of his highbourne brothers and sisters were studying.

Leriqite knew that Leremar was getting involved with something he would live to regret. On several occassions she pleaded with her brother to discontinue his studies. But her please fell on deaf ears. Leremar could only see himself becoming more and more powerful and was not prepared to give this up, regardless of the consiquences.

But soon the day came when those consiquences took place. Leremar was one of the many Highbourne who was exiled from the shores of Kalimdor that day. Prior to this, he had even pleaded to his sister not to let him go. But in turn, Leriqite ingored him. Leremar had become such a disgrace to the Dareseeker bloodline that his own siblings had disowned him.

7000 years later, Leremar would return wreak havoc upon Leriqite and murder Astantes.

The Warsong ClanEdit

For thousands of years, Leriqite and Astantes lived in peace at the peek of Stonetalon Mountain with the Demigod Cenarius. By now, Leriqite had become a reputable Feral Druid who had proclaimed herself the "Druid of the Night". The only reason why she was here at this time was because she was one of the only female Druids around. Only the male Druids had retreated to slumber within their Barrow Dens.

As for Astantes, he had become a talented Archer and Alchemist. Envying his sister only slighty, he found that Alchemy was the closest he could get to Druidism.

Uneventful days passed one after another until the Warsong Clan arrived. They had begun destroying the forests of Ashenvale and removing the woods from the Stonetalon Mountains. Enraged by this, Cenarius ordered the attack upon these Orcs. But they proved to be much stronger than they appeared.

Though the siblings tried, they simply could not stand against the might of the Warsong Clan. They could do nothing but watch as they murdered their demigod.

On this day, Leriqite and Astantes fled the Stonetalon Mountains vowing their revenge.

Tyrande's betrayelEdit

Several days later, Leriqite and Astantes offered their services to Tyrande and her Sentinels. She accepted, knowing that they would need all the help they could recieve.

The siblings followed every order they recieved from the Priestess, gladly destroying what Orcs got in their way. Neither did they hesitate when they faced the Alliance. They aided her in awakening the Druids of the Talon, the Druids of the Claw and Arch Druid Malfurion.

However, they began to doubt her sanity when she released a convicted criminal from his binds. It was at this time they chose to follow Furion instead of her.

The siblings followed the Sentinels all the way to the base of Mount Hyjal and the World Tree. They knew that Tyrande had gone truly insane when she announced that they were to side with the Orcs, the very same people Leriqite sought to destroy. She and Astantes were deeply insulted and felt betrayed.

They turned their backs on the Sentinels that night and did not participate in defending the World Tree. Instead they retreated to Felwood.

The Flame in a BoxEdit

The siblings had planned to retreat to the Eastern Kingdoms, chosing to take a path through Felwood and into Darkshore. From there they would travel to Auberdine and board a ship that would take them there. Along the way, they met a strange man who seemed determined to hide his face. Apparently having some dislike to Night Elves, he immediately drew a flaming sword and attacked them.

He then questioned them, asking if they were members of a guild named Winterlight. When he found out that they were not, he sheaved his sword and apologised. He explained that he was being hunted down by a guild known as Winterlight, one that was primarilly made up of Night Elves. Despite his show of hostility, Leriqite and Astantes offered to help.

They lead him north into Felwood to the Timbermaw Tribe, the last of the uncorrupted Furbolgs.

After this point Astantes left, but Leriqite stayed behind. She followed this man who was constantly refering to himself as "The Flame in a Box". When the men, who were obviously Winterlight, attacked she even aided him in slaying the leader of this guild, Darotan.

When she asked the man's name, she found that it was Arahadord. She explained to him that she would be residing in Stormwind and that when he had finished repaying his debt to the Timbermaw Tribe she could be found there. Staying true to her word, she left for Stormwind City. However she and Astantes had seperated. It would be two years before they would meet again.

Thoundith and the Dotrieve GangEdit

By the time Leriqite arrived in Elwynn Forest, the third war had long since finished. Night Elves were very welcome to roam these lands. She explored this land, never before witness a forest of it's kind. She soon found herself in a small village called Goldshire.

As she explored this village he met a charmingly rude man. His name was Thoundith Dotrieve and, as he explained, was the ganglord of the Dotrieve Gang. Leriqite was offered a place with him, second in command even, but she graciously turned down this offer. When questioned as to why, she explained that she was more of a lone wanderer. Thoundith and Leriqite went on to be very good friends, several times had he asked her to join him and each time she had kindly refused.

Leriqite was introduced to many of his friends; a paladin named Enrik, a thief named Criasjain and an elven priest named Tirvan. She was also introduced to the tavern that Thoundith and his gang owned. The Jade Eye Tavern, which was built in the Park of Stormwind not too far from the Wisps'n'Spirits, was a charming place. Each time Leriqite visited the place, she was greeted with a warm welcome.

One night, Thoundith had requested that Leriqite join him in Darkshire. Though the place was surrounded by the Undead and constantly under threat, she found that she actually liked this place very much. He took her away to a private room in the tavern and asked for her hand in marriege. Stunned by this proposal, Leriqite could hardly consider this. Thoundith was the most charming man she had ever met and accepted without another thought.

However, this wedding would never come to pass. One day, three members of the Underfoot Gang, rivals of the Dotrieves, came to the Jade Eye Tavern when Leriqite had been left alone. The three men had attempted to kidnap her, but the wiley Druid managed to escape using the agility the cat form provided. She escaped through the canals and snuck out of the city. She immediately contacted Thoundith who told him that they could no longer be together. Thoundith was a strong man and Leriqite was his only weakness.

For some time, Leriqite went into hiding.

Arahadord returnsEdit

Though it seemed like forever, it was not long before Leriqite found her way back to the Jade Eye Tavern. She was soon reunited with her brother, Astantes. The relationship between Leriqite and Thoundith was shakey. Several times did she make attempts upon his heart but were always met with resistance.

One day, a mysterious man stepped into the Jade Eye Tavern. To Leriqite she seemed oddly familiar but the memory quickly came back to her. It was Arahadord. At this point, she instantly felt a stab of guilt for she had offered her hand in marriege to one man and her heart to another. Naturally, Arahadord and Thoundith never quite got along.

Several days after Arahadord's return, Leriqite found that her brother Astantes had been murdered. Arahadord and Thoundith were too busy bickering amongst themselves to notice her grief. Astantes Dareseeker was burried in Lakeshire, the last place he had called home.

Leriqite thought that she could grief no more until the day Thoundith disappeared. She could no longer sense his life force either which proved to her that he was gone for good. The death of Thoundith Dotrieve caused several events; The Dotrieve Gang disbanded as did the Underfoot Gang, his group of friends slowly drifted apart and the Jade Eye Tavern was closed down (Reopened again by another man two months later).

Leriqite had no one but Arahadord.

Present DayEdit

Today, Leriqite is happilly married to Arahadord. Now that she is pregnant, Arahadord forbids her from leaving home. A rule that she constantly bends. It seems that not even the responsibilities that motherhood will bring will stop her from being the free spirit that she is. She has also recently become a Shan'Do herself, passing on her knowledge of Druidism to one Adorila.

Animal FormsEdit

Like all Druids, Leriqite is able to assume several animalistic forms. For so long has she been studying and practicing the ways of the Feral Druid that each of her animal forms have developed their own ego. Leriqite has gone to the trouble of giving each of these forms their own names.



Leriqite named her Storm Crow form in honor of her dead brother, Astantes. (See Atantes (Deceased)). In life, Astantes was a very clumsy hunter who tamed a vulture by accident. He would say "He just started following me around one day." At the time, Astantes was studying alchemy and would test many of his potions on this Vulture. This earned him the title "The Avien Alchemist." When Astantes met his unfortunate demise at the hands of Leremar, Leriqite was devistated.



"They say that black cats are bad all except the black cat." This is Leriqite's moto. She favours the cat form above all others and at times feels that this is her true form. She believes that while she assumes this form that she becomes incredibly lucky and, by coinscidence, everyone else becomes terribly unlucky. Her cat form, or rather "true form", has been aptly named "Lucky".



While he was alive, Leriqite worshipped Cenarius with every ounce of her being. Even after his remains had long decayed, she believes that he still exists in spirit. Cenarius fought with all his might to the bitter end; this is what Leriqite admires about him. The Bear form is all about physical and mental strength and Cenarius possessed both. In honor her lost demigod, she has named her Bear Form "Cenarius".


Shandala, Yorvald, Myela, Daezen, Dartanis, Yarl, Sennin, Aramand, Aurayle, Andualah, Ellistra, Kea'lyn, Tiktok, Hallus, Renawyn, Arahadord Dinolatal

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