Race: Human
Age: Unknown, appears 20
Birthplace: Northrend
Class: Mage
Professions: Enchantress, Tailor

Appearance: Levi looks like an average person. Considering she allegedly lived in a small farm in Northrend for most of her life, it seems quite natural that she is pale. Her natural birthplace may also be the reason she appears to prefer wielding frost magics over fire ones

Levi tends to wear clothes that are blue in colour, and mostly ones she made herself. Her clothes are frequently subject to her applying random enchantments upon them, just to see what happens. She also prefers wearing robes, which apparently adds to her mage like appearance

Personality: When meeting new people, Levi is generally cheerful. However, she has a very short temper, which can be quickly set off at anyone who acts even slightly hostile to her. She also has a fairly good memory, so she is likely to remember something that happened a while ago and use it as a reason why she hates or likes someone. Quite oddly, whenever she sees a black dragon whelpling, she immediately becomes suspicious towards the person who it is following. She also tends to become quite distressed whenever someone is wearing any item crafted from Blue dragonscale

Levi's oddest personality trait is her occasional mutterings to herself. Rather than speaking in common, she tends to speak in a strange almost reptilian language that a few might recognise as Draconic


Race: Blue Dragon
Age: 96
Birthplace: Westrift, Northrend

Appearance: This is Levi's true form, a Drake of the Blue Flight. Levigosa is a fairly small and average drake. It is rare that anyone will see this form, as, for reasons unknown, Levi is preferring to stay as a human. The only people liable to know that Levi is actually a dragon are anyone who can sense the arcane magic from her, which is far beyond that of an average mage of her apparant standing, if they have a magical ability to detect dragons, if they are a fellow dragon who knows Levi for what she is, or if Levi has cursed at them in Draconic

The latter is the most likely to have happened already. Levi has one short temper for a dragon

((Yes, this is all a WiP. And yes, Levi is a blue dragon ingame. However you don't know that unless you're one or two people who Levi's cursed at. If you're not them, or somehow affiliated to them, Levi's just going to laugh at you if you accuse her of being a dragon, unless of corse your character is also a dragon))

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