Description Edit

Name: Levinia Andronica
Race: Human
Class: Priest
Age: 20
Birthplace: Duskwood

Appearance Edit

With a shock of white hair which falls to her shoulders, Levinia's most notable feature is difficult to ignore. While classically beautiful, her face is unaccented by makeup or adornment of any kind. Only her dark grey eyes hint at the steel which lies beneath her plain, white exterior.

Levinia is not tall and, though she has a well-rounded figure, her posture and movements indicate that it is something of an embarrasment.

She has an earnest look about her, appearing open and worthy of trust. It almost compels one to confide in her....

Personality Edit

Background Edit

Levinia grew up on a small farm in Duskwood, one of two identical twins. The farm was home to a large family, with children both older and younger than the twins. Her twin, Lucrece, was reserved and shy, while Levinia was bold and vibrant. The two were inseparable, as twins often are, through childhood and early adolescence. Soon, however, Lucrece began to disappear at all hours of the day and night. Levinia's parents were little concerned, having a farm and a large family to tend to and run. They assumed she'd found some local boy with whom to spend her time.

Levinia was hurt by her sister's disappearances, as well as her intransigence about sharing the details about whom she'd been with and where she'd gone. But Levinia was preoccupied as well. Earlier in the year, she'd begun to notice the changes in Duskwood, as though the deepening of evening into night. Of course, she couldn't have put it into such terms, but she felt the growing disquiet as the forest became home to dark things. A local boy was found dead near a number of freshly-exhumed graves, his throat torn out and his flesh partially eaten away. Levinia began to read old books her parents had, passed down through the generations, about the Light and the struggle of Good against Evil. She began to pray nightly, feeling a growing kinship with the Light as she did.

But the farm and her family did not vanish with her newfound interest. And often, it was difficult to find a quiet place to pray. She began going into the woods at evenfall, after the dinner plates had been cleared and her parents were occupied with getting the little ones into bed. There was a grove in which she liked to kneel, but as she approached it, she heard hushed voices. As she listened, she recognized one was Lucrece and the other was deeper. They were chanting. Levinia burst into the grove as a knife flashed, blood spilling onto a white chalk circle. A hole opened in the night sky, blacker than the blackest midnight. It descended to the circle and the blood disappeared, a spatter and a drop at a time. A single syllable was uttered by an unseen mouth, the unspeakable utterance clawed its way into her mind. GKQESHZ! Then, the being was gone.

Levinia strode into the circle, the Light streaming in her, through her.

Recent History Edit

After the death of her twin and in the face of her growing power, Levinia's parents thought it would be best if she went to study in the Cathedral of Light. They paid a merchant enough silver to take her to the steps and gave a her a letter with instructions to give it to the High Priestess. Even with all that had happened, the goodbyes were still hard for everyone to make.

Once at the Cathedral, Levinia applied herself to her studies, finding that her kinship with the Light grew as her understanding increased. But she could not escape her past or the prejudices written on her soul. She saw elves and warlocks in the city, some within the Cathedral. She searched for a more righteous cause than one which would tolerate or ally itself with such filth.

It was in the Cathedral she met Lysfara and Eldanesh, the former beginning to heal the wounds left by her sister, the latter a teacher and like-minded associate. She was accepted into the Scarlet Crusade with open arms and flourished, becoming an Adept.

But her faith was tested when Lysfara announced a secret liason and intention to wed a Night Elf, Devinicus. The scarcely-healed wounds of her past broke open anew and the blood washed her soul in rage. She compacted with Eldanesh to have the elf killed, ostensibly for Lysfara's own good. Eldanesh failed in his duty and the plot was unmasked, but Levinia was unaware that she had been discovered. Devinicus innocently asked to meet with her outside the city walls, citing a similar interest in Alchemy that Levinia had feigned in order to implicate Devinicus in heresy and black magic.

Once outside the city walls, Devinicus ambushed Levinia, leaving her barely alive. She managed to return inside the city walls, but now bears the scars of his treachery. Though his dark magics did not leave visible marks, her mind has been damaged, perhaps beyond repair.

And Lucrece is calling to her, across time and death, for vengeance.

Companions Edit

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