Lightservants is a heavy roleplaying guild on Thorium Brotherhood server. We are a merry crew of folks, over 100 in number, who like "all RP, all the time" as a modus operandi. We are always in character in Guild chat, but do have an Out of Character Channel for those who need to discuss necessary non-Azerothian subjects.

We are all vowed to the service of Light, and some to its aspects, Elune and Cenarius. Therefore we serve Light by serving others, as our name suggests. We help when we can, whoever we can, and often give "Largesse", travelling to starting areas to distribute our unecessary items to the young.

We love stories, and often gather to tell them. We are all folk who like to celebrate this wonderful world we have been given in stewardship, and are fond of making poems and songs and entertainments to pass the time between quests. Lately we had a race through the Barrens, afoot and mounted, with the prize being a Netherweave bag. Lighthearted folk enjoy our guildkin family.

At the same time, we do enjoy questing together, and we fight togther for the Light most days. Many of us are Outlanders, and battle the forces of darkness there, but we also have many younger kin, and do not have a restriction on season of life.

We have a simple structure of five ranks, the top one being the Council of Lightbearers, who serve the guild as a ruling body. Only they have the power to invite new members, and only three at once may do so. This is to aid us in welcoming mature and generous new guildkin, and is for the protection of the current kin.

(Those of late teen years, and older, in the Air World, if they love RP and are dedicated to the Light, are welcomed.)

Lightbearers who may invite: Faithdancer, Lightweaver, Sethrezin, Lianwen, Lyarrah, Laereal, Khayt, Sophira, Artimas, Wyldwalkyr

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