Description Edit

Name: Likue
Age: Unknown
Eye Colour: Blue
Skin-Tone: Sandy-brown
Height: 2'
Weight: 105 lb
Alignment: Neutral.


Likue is a very mischievious wolf, often teasing or stealing objects from people for sport. She will often try to be the center of attention when among a group. But she is also content to sit back and watch the world around her. For all her playfulness, Likue has a healthy sense of self preservation. If she fears she will be harmed, often she will flee before conflict. Like any true wolf, gain her loyalty and she will fight to the death for you (Unless you happen to be unfortunate enough to die first).

Background Edit

Little is known about the wolf, Likue. She wondered out of the forests of Elwynn one day, bravely setting paw upon the streets of Stormwind. Facinated by the people and driven by curiosity, she as been wondering the streets ever since. She will probably never leave as long as enough of the locals pass her treats or offer to skratch behind her ears.

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