General InformationEdit

Name: Lilyrose

Profession: Adventuress

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Reddish-Pink

Height: 2'0


The first word on anyone's lips in describing Lilyrose would be "cute". Just like most gnomes, she enjoys a good laugh, and is also exceedingly intelligent despite her occasionally childish attitude.

She's just as quick to cry as she is to laugh, however, and tends to take things a bit too seriously at times. When angered, she becomes a rather volatile warrior with a firm attitude and a loud voice. Despite this, however, she can befriend nearly anyone, and has an everlasting faith in the goodness of people.


Lilyrose was born and raised in Kharanos, the dwarven village south of Ironforge. She knows little of Gnomeregan, and cares even less. Many of her own people would believe ill of her for this, or try to change her thoughts, but she has never been swayed.

A happy, care-free child, Lilyrose was always the adventurous sort. More often than not, one could find her atop someone's roof in the dead of winter, building a snowman battle with sticks for swords. She was always the sort to look out for and protect others, and many look on her fondly though they have not seen her in those parts for years.

Lilyrose left her home after her parents died. Having already lost her older sister Briarthorn in a swimming accident, the sudden illness and death of her parents was too much for her to bear. She ran to the human lands and has never returned, though she sometimes wonders what might happen if she did. Somewhere out in the world, her younger brother Blossom is doing semi-evil deeds.

It was shortly after coming to the human lands that Lilyrose was introduced to the Underfoot gang. A shoe-in, she was thrilled to become a part of it, and made fast friends with Ashaila Ma'Lid and Dag Swordweaver. She has since followed them from the Underfoot to the Felsworn Sail, where she spends time replacing Khas's walkie talkie, and entertaining with her adorable nature.

More recently, Lilyrose become intimately involved (much to the surprise and chagrin of many others), with a Night Elf named Kalthair. They can be seen sitting together in the Park, the gnome planted snugly in the lap of her druid protector.

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