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Name: Linar
Race: Undead Blood Elf
Class: Priest
Professions: Tailoring
Age: ??
Birthplace: Eversong Forest
Current Residence: The Gallows' Basement
Specialization: Shadow
Affiliation: Curse
Alignment: Not sure, too crazy.

Linar's face looks as if it's been cut up to make it unrecognisable, his ear have been severed, and his eyes glow a shade of green eirily similar to that of the Blood Elves.

Personality Edit

To put it simply, Linar is totally ass backwards crazy.


Linar was once a Blood Elf priest who found himself alone in the bazaar one evening with a certain Blood Knight. Calaban Blacksun killed Linar and rose him as an undead servant in the Lich Kings service. Calaban being a novice Death Knight at the time wasn't able to raise him while still keeping his elven stature and grace so instead he mutilated his face and cut off his elf ears in order to pass him off as one of the forsaken.

For a time Linar was a dutiful servant, unquestioning and persistent in completing the tasks laid down for him by his master Calaban. But this couldn't last as Calaban was found out by his brother Athane and forced to relinquish his hold on poor Linar.

Freed from his bonds of slavery and horribly confused, Linar contacted Lady Meridith Deathweaver the overseer of Curse. During his interview, of which was also attended by Plagos Deathweaver Meridith's husband, Linar revealed very little about how he came to be referring only to the one who raised him as "he".

Relations Edit

Linar has recently taken to riding Plagos Deathweaver like a pony.

Adventures & StoriesEdit

WoWScrnShot 112608 225520

Linar has fun tormenting Gamon

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