Lleinaar Edit

Attributes: Edit

Name: Lleinaar (Pronounced Yay-In-Are)

Height: 6'9"

Weight: 227 lb

Race: Tauren

Gender: Female

Age: 23 years

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Class: Druid

Specialization: Restoration

Occupation: Unknown (Wild?)

Physical Appearance Edit

Short, soft fur adorns Lleinaar, fading from a light brown on her back, legs and the top of her arms, to a nearly translucent gray on her face, throat, arms, and front. Her dark brown mane is even and well-brushed. Likewise, her horns have been filed smoothly, making them appear much nearer and ivory white than their natural tone, as well as rounding the tip to dull.

Most of her attire consists of linen and silk, except for her leather gloves, ankle braces, and belt. This, along with her unusually meticulous approach to grooming, presents a strange appearance next to the other, hardier members of her race.

Lleinaar's eyes wander at all times, in fascination and curiosity of anything and everyone around her, often oblivious to the fact that some may find this rude or unsettling.

Personality Edit

Lleinaar is easily distracted, and carefree to a fault. She has shapeshifted so many times that she occasionally fails to discern the difference between her forms, or sometimes even the differences between the other races she meets (with the exception of the forsaken). For this reason she will often rise to protect any creature of apparent intelligence, whether friend, foe, or otherwise.

She is difficult to upset or anger, and from the sheer frequency of the close calls her carelessness generates, her sense of fear has begun to atrophy as well. On the rare occasion she can be coaxed into a serious mood she becomes thoughtful and reserved, or curious and fidgety.

Friends and Allies Edit

Mourun "Mo" Whisperfoot Edit

Lleinaar and Mourun form a strange sort of miss-fit partnership. The two have a long-standing familiarity with one another to the point that, much to Lleinaar's amusement, they can often guess what the other is thinking. In battle it is difficult to determine who is protecting who, since both are more than willing to throw caution to the wind in defense of the other.

Lleinaar sees Mourun as a relation somewhere between a playmate and an older brother, taking any opportunity to torment or amuse him, but never attempting to press him beyond his tolerance. She is well aware of the fact that she does not fully understand her companion but accepts this, as any other certainty of life, without question.

Geranguas IxararEdit

Lleinaar views life and all events around her almost as one would view a a game of chance. There are very few things that can place her in a serious mood for any extended time. Geranguas is one of those things, or perhaps simply the being Lleinaar chooses to be nearest after seriousness has already come upon her.

The two share quiet, lighthearted, or joyous moments with each other, and Lleinaar often goes to Geranguas with both troubles and her triumphs, trusting in his patient ears and comforting words.

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