Description Edit


Name: Lokarl Impbane
Race: Orc
Age: 62
Birthplace: Draenor
Class: Warrior
Professions: Mining and Blacksmithing, he is also a Master Axesmith
Guild: Harbingers of War
Appearence: This Orc shows a humorless, grumpy expression, standing a head taller than others, scars etched deeply into his face and flesh. His body bulges in a mass of muscle, swinging his weapons in incredible ease. A handaxe is seen buckled to his belt, along with a shield strapped over his back. Throwing knives are seen strapped near the joints of his armor and the underside of his guanlets.A large backpack is strung over his back, strapped to it is a mining pick, smithing hammer, and a small keg. Runes are seen inscribed in the blade of his weapons. Despite the large collection of armor and items on him, he walks easily with a steady grace.

Personality Edit

At first conversation or word exchange Lokarl seems very spiteful and/or sour, particurally with Warlocks or shadow disciples of any kind. He holds a deep respect for other warriors, shamans, and those who prove their mettle. His main priority is always battle and fighting Demons, very rarely taking breaks and spiting those who insist on it.

Background Edit

At the height of the Orcs' corruption on Draenor, Lokarl was born into the Warsong clan. Near the age of four Lokarl was chosen to be raised to Adulthood more quickly through the power of Warlocks, to reinforce their ranks in warriors. Having no childhood he was thrown straight into the life of war, his earliest memories only being known of fighting in arenas and warring with the Draenei. He has taken of the proffession of a miner and blacksmith to supply weapons for the Orcs. Lokarl soon became a high ranked fighter of the Warsong, fighting and surviving many battles against the humans after the Portal opened. He always looked up at his chieften, Grom Hellscream, as his inspiration.

After the fall of the Old Horde, Lokarl still fought with the rogue Warsong Clan as most of his kin were imprisoned in the Internment Camps. During then he has fallen in love in an Orc shamaness named Drakumi, who returned similar feelings. They followed the Warsong during the events with Thrall, sailing to Kalimdor, and the Warsongs' seconds corruption. After the death of Mannoroth and Grom, and the end of their corruption there were several Orcs, including Lokarl and Drakumi, who abandoned the Warsong to fight the demons and their corruption personally, they united together and named this very minor clan the Impbane Clan.

The Impbane Clan did not last long, however. During the Battle for Mount Hyjal they took the front lines against the Legion and the Scourge, many of them dying. After the battle was over, nearly the entire clan died in battle on the mountain. His wife Drakumi is one of those who have fallen here, but not before baring a child of Lokarl's kin, Lokumi. Lokarl was one of the few survivors, but never relinquished his oath to destroy the Legion and all traces. He has entrusted his only child to the Warsong clan as he continued his life as a proud warrior and demon slayer.


Current days Lokarl still fights the Legion in his old home, Outland, as he struggles to release it from the demons' grasp, along with other powers. Over the long years of Lokumi's neglect of parents, she has become very rotten and spiteful, using the vast collected knowledge of demons that the Impbane Clan has gathered, self training herself as a Warlock. After this and other events, Lokarl has become distraught with the loss of both his wife and his only heir becoming corrupted. He still preseveres, holding his eternal oath and eagerly teaching young warriors the worth of their path.

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