What to know. Edit

Name: Lokke Mistrunner
Age: The tauren equivalent of 24 in human years.
Race: Tauren
Class: Druid
Profession: Herbalism and Alchemy.
Allignment: Druidic True Neutral
Birthplace: Mulgore.
Affiliations: Harbingers of War, close with Izumo, Arete, Omambarti and Shambler.

Apperance and Attire: Lokke is very similar to most Tauren. He stands taller than any race in Azeroth with silky fur covering his body, and curved horns to the side of his head. His fur is milk white in color, with chocolate spots all over his body (though most would swear his fur was ALL chocolate color, because his armor covers the white parts.)

His face is always calm, most would describe it as a never-ending poker face; it never betrays his emotions, and his eyes seem to be filled to the brim with wisdom; whether it be good, or bad, we'll never know.

How he acts. Edit

Fiercefuly loyal to Carine Bloodhoof, the Horde, the Druids of Moonglade, and most importantly, the Earthmother, Lokke will do anything to help his allies. Very similar to Arete, Lokke knows when to put his hoof down and say 'No', usually when the Horde asks him to do something that interfears with his Drudic morals, and disrupts the balance of nature.

While very calm and wise, Lokke does have a playful side. He loves Cat form to death, and all but abuses it's powers. He's constantly sneaking up on as Arete once said 'He's like this. all. the. time.'.

Back in the day. Edit

Born into the Mistrunner tribe, Lokke had a dream at a young, a Vision rather. He saw the Nightmare within the Emerald Dream, corrupting everything it touched. He immedietly told the Cheiften, who sent him to Thunder Bluff for Druidic training.

When he got to Thunderbluff, he went straight to the Archdruid. Sensing a strong connection with the Earthmother, he sent Lokke to take up Drudic training with the Runetotem and Wildmane tribes.

((Still under construction...:D Need to add more and spellcheck. ^^))

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