The goblin hurried to make the delivery, knowing full well if he wasn't fast enough, the reciepient would be long gone. As he rushed into hot barren city, he stopped briefly at the Innkeeper. "She still here? He sent a rush letter!" The Innkeeper shook his head. "Well what do we do with this then?," the courier asked. "Send it back I suppose, she said she'd not be back for a couple of weeks. Maybe let him know she's gone for a bit?" the Innkeeper suggested. "Two weeks?!?," the courier gasped. "If not more..." the Innkeeper alluded to the blood elf being out in the field for a while. "Well in that case, I'll rest here for the night then let the regular mail carriers return his letter to him." With that, the courier dropped the letter in the box marked "Reciever Unreachable".

((A few days after that)) Took some time but finally the goblin caught back up with Bloodaxe. Rushing toward the orc the goblin panted with exertion. The orc eyed the courier up and down as he approached. Saluting in a rather sloppy fashion the goblin spoke through pants, "There you are. I am afraid I have bad news. Your letter was undeliverable. The young lady was long gone by the we reached her last known location. Your letter will be returned to you in one month in accordance with Goblin Letter Code 6652:934 from the time it was sent."

"Hmm, thanks for the information then. If you run across the sender, tell her that if she ever wants to talk to me, she better do it with in one week," the orc stated flatly.

Eyeing the orc and smelling an opportunity the goblin probed for more information. "Eh? You don't say. Planning on getting married or dieing?"

"Second one. At least a strong possibility." Bloodaxe informed the courier.

Well this would never due, he couldn't very well extract more money from the lady if the orc was dead. Maybe he could extract some money from the orc instead. "Hmmm. How much is it worth to know a little about this shy mouse?" ((This was an IC seek for a bribe. I do not now or ever, want a single copper to actually change hands.))

The orc growled at the goblin, "How much do you like breathing?"

The courier gulped and then peddled as fast as his mouth could, "Very much sir, but I was paid handsomely to keep my mouth shut. I can't in good moral," a sly smile spread across the goblin's face, "concious just give away the information you may be seeking."

"I see, in that case I will be forced to inform your superious in Undermine about your unwillingness to provide customer service. I imagine bruisers and a pink slip will be involved."

The goblin laughed at that. "You can complain all you want sir, but honestly, money is the only thing that does the talking for my superiors too, in fact, it usually takes more than dealing with me."

"You are aware of how much money I bring in for them?"

The goblin shrugged. He didn't know and he honestly didn't care, many adventurers padded the pockets of his superiors, loosing one would not make a difference, if the orc sqwaked enough he'd be reassigned, but he was sick of running these stupid errands anyways.

"Didn't think so. Just tell them their ventures in Netherstorm are now compromised as of this moment." the orc glared at the goblin.

"Well if that concludes our buisness, I wish you luck on your um, demise." The goblin chuckled and said under his breathe, but loud enough to be certain the orc heard. "Dead men don't earn profit." He turned to leave, pausing jus a moment.

"Fine. Two gold. I am still reporting you too."

Now this was more like it. He could so take this orc but he also knew he didn't have enough information to be worth two gold. He only had what little information that was passed on by the Innkeeper and a few silver to not pass that information on. "I don't have two gold worth of information for you and I never said I wouldn't be fair in my dealings with you," rubbing his chin he countered something much lower, hoping the information he did have would be worth the counter offer. An enraged orc he did not want. "50 silver." He held out his palm and waited.

Bloodaxe handed the goblin the coin, "Start talking."

The goblin quickly pocketed the coin before the orc changed his mind. "I don't have a name, but I do have a race, hair color, and certain penchants that might help you identify her. First it is a her. A red haired blood elf. A mechanical squirrel was by her side most the time, while she never talked to it, she did seem to pamper it a bit, oiling the little critter regularly while she was there. She also had some cloth she was turning into bolts and bandages while she stayed at the last Inn. She's moved on, obviously, but... her last known location was Tanaris. She was there to see about increasing her knowledge of engineering and cooking. Neither trainer was willing to speak to her yet saying she just didn't have enough power to take on the areas she'd need to aquire future materials. She left in a bit of a huff, vowing to not return to civilization until she was strong enough to force them to teach her more. The Innkeeper expects her to not return for a couple of weeks, if she returns at all, she headed out into Tanaris' desert, and she really had no buisness being there."

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