Name: Lowahe Silentwalker
Race: Tauren
Class: Shaman
Professions: Mining and Skinning
Age: 23
Guild: None
Status: Active

Physical AppearanceEdit

Lowahe has two different appearances.

In the city, she is the type of girl that you would not notice at a glance. She tends to meld into the scenery, whether it is by choice or not. When she is finally seen, her eyes have a striking, sad quality, but intelligence obviously lies within the amber depths. Her soft fur is naturally grey, but the dust of the road coats it as if she has not a care for it's grooming. The spots meld into the lighter shades making it look almost as if she really is but one color.

However, in battle, the same shy unnoticeable Tauren is quite different. She marches with her head high, charging into daring situations without a care. She strikes an amazing figure.

On her right arm there is a red ribbon that has feathers tied to it. It seems to be symbolic of something important.


Lowahe is a shy tauren, who tends to stutter when she gets nervous or embarrassed. She doesn’t like large crowds of people and has a tendency to try and meld into the shadows when she is forced to be in groups. She keeps her eyes lowered and greets most every person she meets with an undue amount of respect. If she is made angry, however, she acts out with amazing ferocity. She is not afraid of battle, and greets it with the will of a person who does not really care if she lives or dies.

She seems to be wandering the world without much purpose, however she is looking for someone named Cherek.


Currently, Lowahe is alone in the world. She has left her family in shame after her betrothed rejected her.


The Moment of TruthEdit

Lowahe stared into Stonebull Lake nervously. It was a mediocre day as far as the weather was concerned. The sun shined, but there were dark clouds in the not so far off distance, and little puffy white ones kept blocking the light as if they were warning of the pending rain. The girl tauren knew that she shouldn’t stand outside two long, but she wanted to make sure that she looked perfect for this day. She stared down into the water, and tried to make out her reflection as the wind caused the surface to ripple cheerfully.

Pulling tentatively at her small pigtails, she hoped she looked more adult than she felt. With today, the year of hard work would have paid off, and she would finally have captured the hand of the man who she had been betrothed to since the tender age of four, the man that she loved desperately. She was almost positive that he felt the same way about her. He had cared for her so well over the past year of them living together, had welcomed her eagerly into his home and into his life. Her reservations had flitted away in the first few weeks and she found it easier to talk to Cherek than she had felt with any other person in her whole world, even her parents.

Her reflection showed a muted distortion of how she really looked, her dull grey and white fur perfectly clean, her mane groomed and her pigtails tied delicately. She had a simple native headdress and a tribal dress that her mother had sewn for her to match for her wedding. It made sense to wear them today; they were the nicest things she owned.

Behind her, she heard Cherek’s voice call her name. She turned, startled, and he walked up to her and caught her hand. He was older than her, but not by too much, and he smiled at her with friendly ease. She was so sure that he felt about her as she felt about him! He had become her world.

Pulling her into a quick embrace, Cherek nuzzled her face softly. “Your parents are waiting for us, dearheart.”

She smiled up at him and pushed on his chest with a fond laugh. “We musn’t keep them waiting, sir!”

Grasping her hand tightly, he pulled her forward towards her parent’s tent. She watched him with a smile, but it withered as he turned his face slightly away and frowned against the wind. Lowahe was sure she had not been meant to see it, and her heart fluttered in her chest. What could be upsetting him on a day such as this? She wanted to know, but refused to ask. He obviously had not wanted her to see it, so it must be something she would find out on her own time.

They entered her parent’s tent, and faced them. Both her mother and father glowed as they smiled at her. She was exactly how they had raised her, a perfect wife. Lowahe could catch prey, fish, cook, and pack up a tent in under ten minutes. She knew how to raise children and had even helped with some of the childbirths in the village. She was perfect. And she hoped that Cherek agreed with them.

Her mother, the person who really ran the household, stepped forward before her father could say anything. “The year is up, Boarshoulders! You have had the time to spend with our daughter. You have seen the wife she will be. It is time to make your decision, boy!”

Lowahe’s father snorted, with amusement she guessed. His deep voice boomed through the tent. “It is time, young Cherek.”

Cherek squeezed Lowahe’s hand tightly, as if there was some message that he was trying to tell her. She looked up at him, and the smile that he had given her in greeting just moments ago was completely gone. Instead, there was a man standing there that she didn’t even know. His voice was soft, but firm. “Lowahe will stay here with you. I have found her wanting.”

Lowahe’s jaw was not the only one that dropped. Her parent’s jaws opened as well. There was not another word from the dark tauren. Dropping her hand, he turned on hoof and walked from the tent, walked out of her life. It took a long moment of silence for what had happened to register into Lowahe’s head. She looked down onto the floor and saw the red ribbon that he usually had tied to his horn lying there, and she snatched it up in her hand before her parents could respond.

Running out of the tent, tears streaming down her face, Lowahe shouted his name. “Cherek! Cherek!”

There was a loud clap of thunder in the background, and the rain started to pour, as if the moment her heart broke, the Earth Mother had opened the sky in sympathy to her sorrow.

The ribbon tight in her hand, she ran away from the village and into the open plains. Her sobbing was muted by the rain as she continued to scream his name. “Cherek! Cherek Boarshoulders, you come back to me!”

As she fell into the mud and clutched the ribbon to her heart, three words continually echoed through her head.

Found her wanting… found her wanting… found her wanting…

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