Description Edit

Title: Guard by day, Mugger by Night
Name: Luthir Farrens
Race: Human
Age: 36
Birthplace: Goldshire
Class: Rogue
Professions: Taking your money
Affiliations: The Flip-Card Knaves
Appearance: During the day, he'll be wearing the clothes of a Guard because he is one! He's very good looking and quite charming. His eye is usually to an eye piece looking for crime.

OOC note: Don't try and be a hero/good guy/bad ass/blah-blah by revealing who he is ICly.

At Night, he'll be in full disguise. His face covered by a mask and his clothes are dark. His chest would be covered in a tabard and on the tabard is the clubs symbol.



He is one of the most conservative of the guards and can charm anyone if he needs to. He follows the law strictly and gives no room for mistakes to criminals. Expensive looking rings adorn his fingers, more expensive than a guard could afford. His voice is smooth and deep. He has convinced the magistrate into putting him in charge of finding the mugger that has been terrorizing Elwynn.


A pouch at his side chinks steadily, and if you hear that you should run. The mugger will be on you before you know it with a well kept outfit and a shined gun. It will click as he cocks it and his gruff voice will tell you to hand over your money. A mask covers his face and a tabard covers his chest. A clubs symbol adorns the middle of it and it is the sign of the The Card-flip Knaves, a local gang whose leader is shrouded in mystery...maybe this mugger is him.

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