~About her~Edit

Name: Lylix Arrowany
Race: Forsaken ((Previously a High Elf))
Class: Mage
Professions: Skinning and Enchanting.
Age: 26! (She died REALLY young.)
Birthplace: Silvermoon City
Current Residence: Home? Ha!
Specialization: Fire magic. BURNNN.
Relations: In the Harbingers of War. Knows Shambler and Omambarti, though not to well. She LOVES her precious Lucy ((aka, Lucrothe))and attempts to make a relationship with his daughter, Arete.
Apperance: One might assume Lylix is a shade, or even a blood elf at first glance- she only wears shades of crimson and black; why? No one's had the nerve to ask her, for they fear her response. Her eyes (Well, sockets rather) are large, and glow a soft shade of yellow- Just like every other walking corpse. Her hair would be her best feature...if it didn't look like she cut it herself with a skinning knife. While smooth and greese free, her black hair has an odd sheen to it. Everything else about her is dead- dead, dead, dead. Her skin is decaying, her nails rotting, and her face even has a hole or two.

Needless to say, she looks creepy as hell- creepier than your average Forsaken.


They say you can't judge a book by it's cover.

Who the HELL came up with that statment?

Lylix is crazier than her apperance- she has an opioion, and she let's it be known, weather people want to hear it or not. She doesn't like much, but what she does like, she LOVES. Lucrothe is living- or not so livnig- proof of that.

Though she's a little rough around the edges...well, rough is an understatment. She's vindictive, minipulative, cunning, and rude as hell to say the least. When she wants something, oh, she'll get it one way or another. Even Vodral had to admit that 'joo t'inkin' like a Habinger'. (It remains unknown if that's a compliment or insult.)

While Lylix may be rude, she is genuinely a nice person- she just comes off a little strong. She tries to help others, but ends up hurting more than she helps, making her not wanted most of the time. She's good at masking her pain, though- you can never really tell what she's feeling, or plotting.

-.-A bit about her-.-Edit

Lylix was born, and raised, in the High Elven city of Silvermoon. From a young age, she showed a talent for writting, and only writting- she was tested as a mage, but she was subpar. Her healing powers? None. She had NO aim with a bow and arrow, and was even to triffling to be a servent of a nether- but she was determined to help the alliance in any way she could.

That's where her writting came in.

Lylix quickly became well known across the Alliance for her writing- it quickly became renowned for boosting moral, and being a tad humorious in the process. She soon lived a lavished life style, complete with a large house in Silvermoon, jewels, and the best robes money could buy. She used her wealth to help the alliance all she could- by donating vast amounts to Stormwind, Silvermoon, and even Ironforge.

Alas, her luck soon ran out. While traveling to Lordaeron one magical day, she became ill- she dismissed it, assuming it was merely a virus. She didn't have time to worry of petty things such as that. Soon, as all other did, she perished due to the illness.

Though she remained semi-setinent during her enslavement, she only remembers one thing: Her insane craving for the Sunwell's energy. Though she longed for it, she could obviously not have it- which, along with her death and enslavment, caused her to become a few lumbars short of a spinal cord, if you catch my drift.

She wasn't sure how long it was- but she eventually woke up, lost in the new world she was forced to live in. Now insane, she cast herself deeply into the study of Arcane magic, hell bent on becoming useful to the alliance. Though, some time later, she learned she was now under the horde's command. With that, she lost the last remmeants of her sanity, finnaly caring no more of what became of her.

She now wonders around from place to place, reluctantly serving the Horde, praying no one will know her from her writing (Which talks of the Horde as if they were dirt, perticurally the Warcheif and the Highchieften), as to not get her self killed by a pack of wild orcs.

---So, what now?---Edit

Lylix is currently amusing herself by dabbeling in the Harbingers' affairs, and even 'found herself a man' (as she says), within their ranks. She can be seen most of the time dogging Lucrothe, or yelling at Vodral's 'stupid, voodoo loving, bloody ignorent' nephew, Jambiah.

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