Maclimes She'Lorie
Game Information
Race Troll
Class Hunter
Professions Fishing
Vital Statistics
Build Lean
Hair Bald
Eyes Black
Personal Information
Age 34
Birthplace Stranglethorn Vale
Marital Status Single
Pets Ashelae (Tortoise)
Speedy (Turtle)
Brosisia (Riding Turtle)


Maclimes is an extremely laid-back troll, with a real passion for fishing. He spends most of his days leaning against a tree, rock, or turtle, with his fishing pole in the water and his hat pulled low over his eyes. He has a particular love for all things nautical, often traveling to Booty Bay or Steamwheedle Port, just to watch the ships come and go.

Physically speaking, Maclimes is quite unremarkable. He keeps his head shaved clean, and wears no makeup or any other easily identifying marks or tattoos. He walks with a slow, easy gait, and is rarely seen in any form of armor or combat gear.


Until recently, little was known of Maclimes's early life. He simply popped up in Sen'jin Village one day, and from then on could often be found carrying out missions for the Horde, sticking mostly to the wildlands. He rarely ventured anywhere near the cities, holding a strong distate for any large gathering of people and technology. Keeping to himself, he continued to do work for Thrall and any others who needed help. When asked about his past, he generally brushed it off with a brief dismissal, and changed the subject.

That was, until he met an old friend.

Since that day, Maclimes has sold off all of his armor, and has vowed never to don it ever again. He traded in his axes for a fishing pole, though he still carries his bow for hunting. Now, he can be found sitting alone on the end of a pier or on a random beach, fishing in silence and solitude with only his turtle friends to keep him company.


Maclimes has always had a fondness for turtles. Perhaps their armored shell serves to him as a reflection of how he kept himself locked away for so long, or perhaps he just thinks they're cute. Whatever the case, he is rarely seen without one of his shelled friends. Ashelae, a large Snapjaw, served as his wartime companion when he fought, although now she serves only as backrest while he relaxes on a beach. The smaller turtle, Speedy, is excitable for a turtle. He often runs circles around the feet of Maclimes and Ashelae, while they sit peacefully, amused at his antics. When exhausted from a long day of fishing or hunting, Maclimes calls out the gigantic riding turtle, Brosisia. She is not fast, but she is steady and reliable, both valuable traits to the troll.

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